All though Ian Kennedy took a very dangerous route to get it accomplished, it was pretty cool seeing some of baseball tough guys square off on Tuesday night.

The best part of the brawl between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers wasn’t Turner Ward nearly being thrown over a railing before Miguel Montero came to the rescue; it was away from the scrum when Kirk Gibson and Matt Williams squared off with Mark McGwire.

Gibson and Williams were known to no nonsense players in their playing days and they’d get pretty chapped over minor indiscretions on the diamond.

So when they were trying to restrain McGwire, who is nowhere near as big as he was during his performance enhanced playing days but still a large and strong man, the veins in their collective foreheads were popping and the expletives were flying.

Gibson and Williams each had a hold of McGwire’s windbreaker but the first guy to hit 70 home runs in a season went through them like an Andy Benes fastball.

Nothing really came of it other than a screaming match but it was still good theater.

Never mind the fact, this might be the spark the Dodgers need to get things straightened out after pulling out the win or that Kennedy twice nearly hit a player in the head (although I believe only the pitch to Zack Greinke was intentional) and will probably be suspended; it was pretty cool seeing the old guys – let’s not forget Don Mattingly, Don Baylor and Allan Trammel as well – get their juices flowing again.

It took me back to the 1980s when I was a fan (and not a sports writer) of the game and when I went to my baseball card collection to found out a player’s career stats instead of Google.

It reminded me of a time when I’d make trips to old Cleveland Stadium or Tigers Stadium for a ballgame. New places like Chase Field have nice amenities and all but the history of the old places are what used to resonate with me.

And for a few minutes, thanks to Kennedy’s head hunting and McGwire’s mini, ahem, rage I was taken back to those days when all of those players of my youth terrorized the American League, especially my lowly Indians.

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