Desert Ridge’s Timmy Allen (23) attempts to shoot past Desert Vista’s Duane Miller (24) during the basketball game between Desert Ridge and Desert Vista at Desert Ridge on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015.

[David Jolkovski/Tribune]

One tidbit left on the editing floor after Corona del Sol came back to defeat Desert Vista in boys basketball was Thunder coach Gino Crump damning the effect of Golden State’s willingness to launch 3-pointer at anytime and from anyplace on the court.

“It’s an epidemic,” Crump said after the 86-83 loss to the Aztecs.

Crump believes the Warriors’ success with the 3-pointer and the attention it receives on live broadcasts and on all the nightly sports highlight shows has glorified the 3-pointer for the high school player.

And they ain’t Steph Curry.

“It was our game to lose and if they kept doing the things that gave us the lead we probably win that game,” Crump said. “We were 2 for 13 (against) Corona. If we could get those shots back and run our system it changes the game.”

Desert Vista, which is made 57 of 169 3-points attempts through Jan. 10, had a size advantage against Corona and was having success inside most of the game, but their coach feels their own worse enemy.

“It’s amazing to me,” he said. “We were doing what we need to do win, getting the ball in the paint, playing great basketball inside. It’s what got us up in the first place and all of a sudden we go away from it. It’s what hurt us at the end.”

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