The Mountain Pointe football team got exactly what it needed Tuesday night to continue the positive vibes the Pride has had since the end of last season.

Mountain Pointe traveled to Peoria to take on Centennial, one of the state’s top programs, in a controlled scrimmage and all went well.

First and foremost, the Pride came away healthy.

Secondly, the Pride more than held its own against Centennial, which won three state titles from 2006 to 2008 and finished runner-up in 2010.

Two caveats: I wasn’t there so I am going by Pride coach Norris Vaughan’s take and the Coyotes played without top offensive threat Jalen Ortiz and defensive threat Marcus Farria.

With that said, the unofficial score was somewhere around 35-7 (according to Twitter posts by several Pride players) overall with the first teams playing about 15 to 20 plays.

“We scored a bunch and they scored only once when we had a blown coverage on a third and 12,” Vaughan said. “We were very pleased considering who we were playing. We ran the ball and we threw it well.”

There were the usual scrimmage problems of jumping offside (and some unsportsmanlike), some sloppy tackling and turnovers, all traits of a preseason scrimmage. It was kept to a minimum for the most part and didn’t break their momentum.

Vaughan didn’t want to single out individuals as much as praise the whole team, but did mention that junior Antonio Hinojosa played well at quarterback and Travonn White had a couple of touchdown receptions.

Again I wasn’t there so it’s not my place to draw any conclusions, but it is clear that Vaughan was pleased.

Last preseason the Pride scrimmaged North so it was tough to gauge exactly how good they were. This time around, against Centennial, which is always a well-prepared team under coach Richard Taylor, the results have a little more weight to them.

The real test is just over a week from now when Mountain Pointe hosts Hamilton on Aug. 24.

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