Who cares how much Rep. Paul Ryan spends on a bottle of wine? It’s his own personal money. It’s not money from the budget of the United States... it’s not your money. Why do you think his spending habits should be any of your business?

Likewise, what is this “working class” verbiage? I own my own business. But I generally work 12 hours a day, often seven days a week. Am I in the “working class,” or do you consider me of the “lucky class” and I should be taxed more, to your benefit?

And this “loophole” business? A “loophole” is a deduction allowed by the tax code, like the deduction you all like, the one for mortgage interest. You just like to cite “loopholes” for those that don’t benefit you. I think we should get rid of all “loopholes” ... though I’d like a deduction for all the jobs I create by drinking wine.

In 2006, then-Sen. Obama was against raising the debt ceiling (http://www.verumserum.com/?p=26815). Why is he for it now? Political opportunism?

And the last word game ... with the on-going leftist denigration of American exceptionalism, it would be fitting that NASA be renamed to “Neutered American Superiority Administration.” NASA administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his “foremost” mission as the head of America’s space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world (http://tinyurl.com/33q9tac).

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I'm a former business owner and recovery libertarian. I think I can help Jim.

I've come to realize that the job creators are the middle class. I keep hearing the line "a poor man never gave me a job", but I disagree.

The American public, the middle class, when secure and paid well, spend money. When things are uncertain, they don't. You don't need to look far around Ahwatukee and the rest of Phoenix to see the results of the current economic downturn.

Empty retail space, restaurants closed. Small business is suffering because American's are either unemployed, under-employed, or saving their money, just in case.

If no one's spending money, including the government, jobs are lost.

And I keep hearing that government cannot create jobs. Explain how it became the nation's largest employer?

Government cannot create profit, but it can find a need somewhere and create a job to fill it. We just don't all agree on what's needed.

When Paul Ryan, the Republicans, or the various Tea Party members propose cutting spending, they're taking money out of the economy that would otherwise be spent on those small and local businesses.

Even the large corporations need customers, and they're losing them now. They're still making record profits because they're cutting jobs, which cuts yet more spending, which closes more local businesses, and hurts the owners and employees of those business.

When Paul Ryan enjoys a fine bottle of wine, while telling American's to tighten their belts, he has a image problem.

A man without a job looks at a $400 bottle of wine as couple of weeks of groceries for their family.

And speaking of families, the holier than thou right wing, while telling America we can't tax the wealthy we need to cut from the middle class, is ignoring the pain to families and marriages that those cuts inflict. Don't complain about single moms and divorced people being immoral while engaging in policies that help cause the problems. Money problems wreck homes.

Here's something else I've come to understand. My paycheck is a reflection of my time, my life. The wealthy, with access to the politicians, are making the rules, and making it easier for them to take wealth, not earn it. Learn about hyper-trading and then tell me I'm wrong. And structuring your pay so it's taxed at a lower rate than my hourly earnings is something only the wealthy get away with.

Why am I taxed until April, when Warren Buffet stops paying taxes in February? Why are two extra months of my life taken but he gets off early?

The 400 richest American's are worth more than the bottom 150 million combined. Those people don't buy more groceries or eat out more at the corner restaurant when they earn more.

But if my unemployed neighbor hadn't had his job outsourced, his home wouldn't be in foreclosure, and he'd be spending some of his extra income supporting the economy.

I currently work for a large bank, and I've spent the last 15 years working for major corporations. They've moved thousands of jobs to India and China. I know because as an IT professional, my job is to either automate you out of yours, or send it overseas to someone making a quarter of what you're paid. Someday soon I'll be sending my own job overseas as well. Trust me, they're not hiding it from us.

I keep hearing about job killing regulations. Name some. Before I leave my house I've been the beneficiary of thousands of regulations. My home is well built and safe because of building codes, and I don't lay awake nights wondering if my neighbors house will burn or wash into mine during monsoon, because of those same regulations.

I leave my house and the street is safe because of traffic laws, I trust the other drivers to have safe vehicles because of regulations, and to be taken off the road if not.

I trust the freeway overpass was built to standards. I trust that the clothes I buy my kids aren't made from poison because some government agency oversees that. On and on.

I once heard Glenn Beck asking why we needed the FDA when America has the safest food supply in the world. Two and two often make four, Mr. Beck, you can figure this one out.

And I know your business and the company I work for will have customers because everyone, for the most part, can read well enough to at least fill out a job application, if a job is there, thanks to public schools. Not perfect, but nothing is, and an educated public is critical to our democracy.

Last, to the point about American exceptionalism, tell me one thing other than war we're number one at right now? I'm as Patriotic as you, I am very lucky to have been born here, but I want my country to be even better. When we make a mistake, I don't want to just yell "USA, USA", I want the mistake fixed.

You don't need the right wing media or the left wing media to tell you what I say is true or not. Just drive around your neighborhood. We are the producers. We are the job creators.

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