Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Stanton’s lack of immigration focus is dismaying

I took the time to read the opinion piece by our new congressman, Rep. Greg Stanton, and was somewhat dismayed by his large priority in wanting to eliminate dark money and special interest legislation.

The above may be somewhat worthy of a lower priority debate, but I seriously doubt it’s at the top of the list for most of his District 9 constituents.

Our country is being invaded by illegal aliens and Rep. Stanton and his Democrat colleagues refuse to pass a bill to:

Change the rules granting illegals refugee status hearings once they touch US soil.

Stop the chain migration provision allowing illegals to bring countless family and extended relatives over regardless of their skills or educational levels.

Eliminate the lottery rule allowing “underrepresented” countries to send their citizens to America, regardless of their educational background or economic circumstances.

I have contacted Stanton’s offices at least a dozen times, both with phone calls and emails, but the only response from the rookie Congressman is a template saying thanks for contacting the congressman.

Just a couple of basic questions, Rep. Stanton, which I have previously asked you but have not yet obtained responses to:

Have you visited the border since you’ve been elected?

If you have visited the border, have you spoken to the Border Patrol and asked them what they think needs to be done?

Do you work for Speaker Pelosi or the citizens of District 9?

Does your hatred for Trump supercede your love for our country?

Mr. Congressman, should I hold my breath waiting for some simple answers?

-Don Markowski

Chandler, AZ

Mountain/road bike debate overlooked a cycle

I enjoyed the debate between Andy Lenartz and Matt Jolly that your publication printed on March 20. The debate pitted mountain biking against road biking. Both writers offered many positive aspects of their bikes of choice.

However, I have some concerns.

Despite being relatively intelligent people, both writers may be approaching an age where strenuous outdoor activity involving a moving machine at a fast rate of speed, boulders and oncoming traffic may not be a good idea.

Case in point: Andy recently had a slight mishap involving his bike, his helmet and his head. I know this because I’m his dad.

I am suggesting a third biking option that Andy and Matt may want to engage in. It’s called spin class. Use a stationary bike and quit scaring your senior citizen father.

- Tim Lenartz

Grateful for LD 18’s trio of

state representatives

I want to share a heartfelt thank you to our three LD 18 legislators: Sen. Sean Bowie, Rep. Mitzi Epstein and Rep. Jennifer Jermaine. At a time when several Arizona legislators are embroiled in scandals and accusations of impropriety, it is nice to know that our state legislators representing Ahwatukee continue to make us proud daily.

Not only are there no scandals involving our legislators, but they are busy working across the aisle to get things done. Take Sen. Bowie’s bill to provide suicide prevention training for Arizona educators, or Rep. Epstein’s work in creating her neighbors council.

Both aim to help address the serious issue of teen suicide in our area.

And Rep. Jermaine has drafted a bill that would create a committee to study the disappearance and murder of Arizona’s indigenous women and girls to identify targeted solutions to the problem. Arizona has the third highest number nationwide of missing or murdered indigenous women and girls.

All three of our legislators have made listening to our community a priority. I am grateful for your positive leadership for our community.

-Laurie Nerat

Minimum wage reduction for people under 22 slammed

There seems to be an underlying desire to create a caste system in Arizona where people age 22 and under earn the $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage, as proposed in HB 2523, and the rest earn the state-approved minimum wage of $11 an hour guaranteed by the voter-passed Proposition 206.

HB 2523 is another sign of how far right the Arizona Republican Party has gone. This bill should have been laughed at when first proposed; Instead, it was assigned to a committee for consideration and it is frightening that this bill, like the proposals that would take away voter access and rights, has made it this far in this legislative session.

Proponents of this bill say that greater job opportunities will materialize for young people when employers can offer them a lower wage. Urban legends like this regarding the minimum wage have been repeatedly debunked.

LD 18 Rep. Jennifer Jermaine explained her vote against the proposal and pointed out that this measure is “blatantly unconstitutional and (promotes) age discrimination. It will, rightfully so, result in lawsuits against the state.”

Voters need to let their state representatives and senators know whether or not they support reducing the minimum wage for people under 22. Then if this bill should somehow get Gov. Ducey’s signature, we voters need to band together to contest the measure in court so it can be nullified on constitutional and anti-discrimination grounds.

Both Republicans and Democrats need to pursue an agenda that invests in human capital.

-David Gordon

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