Hooo! Haaa! On seeing the Nov. 9 Opinion page my first thoughts were that AFN had gone "progressive" on me ... a full page of glop ... and it's not yet April 1.

Sarah Nelson's comments ("Setting the record straight") are so full of nonsense and misuse of budget numbers that I'll not bother to address the points individually, just send the curious reader to the appropriate URLs and let them see for themselves.

Any time a website has "truth" in its title you can bet it's as far from the truth as you can probably get. Go surf for yourself, "truth-out.org" has all the earmarks of a George-Soros-funded Democrat propaganda instrument. Scroll down the page, links to such "fair-and-balanced" sites as Huffington Post, Rachel Madcow, New York Times, MSNBC and Bill Moyers.

And factcheck.org is sponsored by the Annenbergs ... need anyone say more?

Anytime you want to really understand something, do a Google search. Then read ALL the links. Then sort the truth from the chaff and bologna. And wonder, as you surf, why are Germany and other European powers (and even China) chastising Obama's crazy monetary ideas (I read BBC news links every morning, I like to know what the world is thinking)?

On the bottom half of the Opinion page, Eric Day's criticism of Philip Moon speaks for itself by its own omissions. Wonder why Day ("In defense of good writing") doesn't choose to criticize C.W. Griffin's unsubstantiated platitudes and outright lies? Could it be that Day is biased toward the leftist propaganda? Guess!

Ever wonder why I have a jaundiced view of teachers? Just re-read that Opinion page again. If you are a teacher, and are taking offense, pause a moment and note that you are presently being represented entirely by those that publish glop. Speak up for yourself.

Read and think for yourself folks and act before Obama succeeds in crushing the USA.

Jim Thompson designs custom microchips and has been a resident of the Valley for 48 years, the last 16 in Ahwatukee Foothills.

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