Mike Middleton

Mike Middleton

I am Michael Middleton, and I am running for Kyrene School District’s governing board.  I will never put politics over children.

As an Intel employee and Realtor, I understand the importance to the community in keeping Kyrene strong. I feel I am the right person, at the right time, for the continued success of the Kyrene School District.

I will always believe our most important assets to improve education are the great parents and teachers of the Kyrene School District. I will represent the parents voice and ensure our schools protect our children.

My commitment will always be to the children first, the teachers and the district, which will in return benefit homeowners, local business owners and our wonderful community. I will meet with the state legislature to address school funding.

Kyrene needs funding to ensure our children are safe, to maintain Kyrene fiscal health and to allow teachers to be teachers. School board members are elected from and by their own community to represent the community’s culture, beliefs and values.

Kyrene has been my home for over 25 years, and as you will see in my experience, being involved in the community has always been important to me. I have always believed it is a privilege to give back to the community, and I have instilled that in my children.

My children are products of Kyrene and Tempe Union, and both graduated from Arizona State University.  Both children still reside in the Kyrene School District, and as a family we regularly attend Mountain Park Community Church.

I will be honored and appreciate your vote.

My experience includes: former Marine Reservist, Citizens’ Budget Committee member for Kyrene School District, former Ahwatukee YMCA board member, former member of the

Ahwatukee Foothills Village Planning Committee, former chair of the American Foundation for Cardiomyopathy, Intel employee, local Realtor, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, four-time West Coast Regional Drug Free Powerlifting Champion 2013-16 and  Masters Nationals Drug Free Powerlifting Champion 2015.

Please like my Facebook page at: facebook.com/michaelmiddletonforkyreneschools2018. Email: middletonforkyrene2018@aol.com.

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