Your political beliefs control your future. They will drive you to support the liberty offered by our constitutional republic or they will cause you to aid and abet the dreary mediocrity of the level playing field of the socialists who would destroy our constitutional republic.

Your political beliefs will determine the success or failure of a free capitalist society in which the individual is limited only by his God-given abilities. Once upon a time this was known as the American Dream. We are losing that dream a little at a time.

Slowly, but surely, our education system has indoctrinated our people to accept the concept that government provides all of our financial and personal security.

As Ben Franklin observed in 1775, when you give up a little liberty for security, you soon will have neither.

About two years ago, our governor adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative for our education system. There was no public debate about the new untried education process, she just did it. If she had done her due diligence, she would have learned the system is controlled from Foggy Bottom through a couple of tax exempt private corporations, which are fronts for the Department of Education’s plan of total government control of curriculum content.

When curriculum content is managed by the government, it can do anything it wants by indoctrinating the students to think any way it wants them to think. Sun Tzu, Lenin, and Hitler were advocates of government control of education. They were popular leaders of their times, but that doesn’t make them men of good character.

During the past few weeks, our governor and the Legislature were having a hot debate about the “benefits” of the Medicaid Expansion health care plan (Obamacare). The fiscal and social conservatives were against it while the progressive liberals were for it. Progressive liberals are always in favor of anything which will perpetuate their political power.

The fiscal and social conservatives understood the program would financially and morally bankrupt the state. Further, it will bankrupt the nation fiscally and morally because we the people will slowly become dependent on government for our health care even if it isn’t good for us. The bureaucrats don’t care. They only want the power to control our lives.

The progressive liberals felt we had to charge ahead with new fiscal and social programs, which would create equality by forcing everyone to have government provided and subsidized health care even if they didn’t need it or want it. Those who don’t want it, must pay a fine to reject it.

After some undisclosed negotiating with the governor, 14 of our GOP state legislators fell in line with the Democrats and voted for the government-controlled socialist Medicaid Expansion plan.

Senator McComish and Representatives Dial and Robson, who represent our legislative district, are three of the 14 Republicans who acquiesced to pressure to do the politically correct thing for themselves, but the wrong thing for we the people.

Those gentlemen do not deserve to be reelected on the Republican ballot.

Common Core State Standards and Medicaid Expansion are two of the most damaging political policies which have been foisted upon we the people in recent years by our disingenuous political leaders. Such programs must be relegated to the dung heap of bad government policy by repeal. Only we the people can do it by staying informed and taking action. 

• Don Kennedy is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in sociology. He has been a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills since 2002.

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So what Don is saying is that if you want to care for the sick and poor as Jesus Christ commands you to do, you are morally bankrupt.

Is that an Ayn Rand swimsuit calendar behind him in that picture?

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