Even if Arizona lucks out and elects a lion hearted governor, it’ll still take herculean commitment to cut controlling ties to various federal programs. With summer primaries revving up, think of the gutsy governors of Utah, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Texas. Their courage is remarkable.

We need one of those; a trailblazer who will confront hostile influences working against Arizona and its resources. Many manipulators are well-funded, EPA based, who are embedded in every crack and creek in this state. Arizona industry suffers under their interference.

Fortunately, as we wait for a new governor, tireless citizens are working to restore at least a portion of Arizona’s sovereignty.

I recently contacted former Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County to learn more about local authority in regards to law enforcement. That, in light of the Nevada Cliven Bundy incident some weeks back. The problem should have remained in the court system, should have stayed under the local sheriff’s authority rather than a “paramilitary unit” of the Bureau of Land Management.

Mack believes the scene in Nevada would have been much different if Douglas Gillespie, the Clark County sheriff, had placed himself between the Feds and the Bundys.

Now, Texas is in a BLM standoff. Both incidents are typical of what’s happening around the nation, most out of public sight. See: www.breitbart.com/big-government, (The Long History of BLM’s Aggressive Cattle Seizures,) and www.foxnews.com (Bigger than Bundy).

In Texas’ case, the governor says they will fight the BLM: “It’s not a dare, it’s a promise,” www.washingtontimes.com, April 24.

The most recent grab: President Obama, skipping Congressional action, commandeered nearly a half million acres near Las Cruces, N.M.

Not only is Mack warning citizens against the over-reach of the Feds, he claims county sheriffs (most who are elected) are “America’s Last Hope,” the name of one of his books. He is committed to working with sheriffs nationwide.

In law enforcement for a quarter of a century, Mack points to the Constitution to understand sheriff’s powers and to a lawsuit he won against the Clinton Administration in the ’90s, Printz v. United States (95-1478), www.sheriffmack.com. He says the U.S. Supreme Court ruling was huge for state’s rights, “The decision restored the 10th Amendment to its place.”

As per Justice Antonin Scalia: “each individual state shall retain sovereignty, independence and freedom.” It ensured, “The Federal Government could only exercise the powers that are granted by the Constitution.”

Mack says the decision confirms sheriffs have the authority to defend state sovereignty. He urges them to review their oaths. “There is hope,” he promises. “We can take America back, sheriff by sheriff.” Apparently, some are listening. Thus, we can expect extreme efforts to discredit Mack and his message.

State’s rights don’t have to be a partisan issue, folks. They can be a unifier. But it’ll take fearless pathfinders to design state paradigms for responsible management of public lands, education, health care, law enforcement and, oh yes, gun ownership. Other states are gaining traction on this. Fear mongers say Arizona can’t do it. I say, the right governor, supported by dedicated sheriffs, can. Vote carefully.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix TV anchor. She can be reached at turleyhansen@gmail.com.

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