You’ve gotta hand it to Republican Gov. Jan Brewer. She cleverly played her politics over the past few months as she made her puzzling shift toward Obamacare in order to expand Medicaid, making Arizona the 24th state to do so.

We must assume money talked. It told her Arizona needs to become more reliant on federal dollars. And, she did it with pizazz. She created a bipartisan coalition of legislators, mostly Democrats, with enough RINO Republicans to achieve the shift.

Perhaps you’ve heard conservative Republicans are outraged. Petitions are being circulated to put the Medicaid issue on the ballot, like one found at The protestors say Brewer, along with the 14 other Republicans, passed the expansion without allowing public scrutiny or comment. They accuse the coalition of corrupting and dishonoring the legislative process by suspending rules and much more.

Prepare for the final battle over the shift of Arizona from a red state to blue.

Note: We can no longer identify who legally votes or protects our borders. And now, Medicaid expansion, without verification of citizenship; taxes increased; taxpayer funding for abortion; balanced budget rejected.

If you’re among those in the East Valley who care about the poor and believe they can be aided without enslavement to government, if you’re looking for information on how to extend your influence towards checks and balances, there are groups and bloggers who will welcome you, including Sonoran Alliance ( and Gilbert Watch ( 

I regularly follow GilbertWatch. Founder Anita Christy stays at the helm day and night, keeping conservative vigil. Christy is a published author in the American Thinker. And, among other awards, this year she received the Ronald Reagan Outstanding Achievement Award by the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

Christy says, “Our Republican state is finished as long as the citizens of Arizona keep allowing themselves to be swayed and manipulated by the left, especially by the media. 

“Conservatives and TEA Parties are continually branded ‘extreme right wing,’” she says. “However, we are, very simply, Republicans who stand firm for Republican principles.”

Search for “We are Republicans” on the GilbertWatch home page; discover important facts. Find information there on Brewer’s visit with the IAF (Industrial Areas Foundation), which was “established in 1940 by Saul Alinsky and trains community organizers in the tactics of revolutionary social change.” 

According to, Barack Obama learned left-leaning politics from Alinsky philosophies.

Maybe we’ll never know how, but it appears that progressive creep found its way into the governor’s office along with a brand new $9 billon budget. The dots don’t connect. This is a governor who has been applauded nationwide for her conservative dedication.

But something’s gone wrong. With Republican control of both houses and the majority against the expansion, the deal was still pushed through. “It violates nearly every Republican principle,” Christy says.

We are well aware that nationally, the Republican Party is in trouble. With the apparent dramatic shift of this once conservative state, Republicans are forced to do serious soul searching. Many of us have left the party, preferring to call ourselves Independents; however, there is no question as to the importance of keeping the party of conservative values afloat. Some believe the RINOs are the problem and their reelections are now in question. Time will tell.

Maybe it’s too late, or maybe it’s not. But for sure, every single conservative best get in the game because something smells in Arizona politics.

FYI: Besides and there other conservative sites you may want to visit like or

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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"Note: We can no longer identify who legally votes..."

Please show your work. There is almost NO VOTER FRAUD IN AMERICA. Tea Party politicians have admitted they have no evidence.

I'm calling this lady a liar. Prove me wrong.

Tea Party folks believe everything their "alternative" media tells them.

It's sad that America's old white people are so gullible.

Seriously, show your work or stop spreading this lie. PROVE ME WRONG!

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