"We the People” is an 8th grade Social Studies textbook in wide use in Arizona. Exciting title, isn’t it? Allegedly, it’s about teaching the U. S. Constitution. In actuality, it’s subliminal indoctrination of socialist dogma. There is nothing which informs the student our Constitution is unique.

Let’s review some quotations.

“Lesson 2: What is Republican Government?”

“Page 10 Topic: How were values of a republican government promoted?”

Paragraph 1: “The Founders believed the values of republican government were that the citizens and their leaders should lead modest lives and work hard. They thought people should care about the common welfare.” This is pure socialism! Not to mention historical revisionism.

Paragraph 4: “The Founders thought it was important to teach and promote civic virtue among citizens. They believed the Roman Republic failed because its citizens lost their civic virtue. They had promoted their own selfish interests at the expense of the common welfare.” More socialism. Also, the author doesn’t know much about the reason for the downfall of the Roman Empire. Corruption by legislators was the primary reason for the demise of the once great government. Not the failure of the citizens to provide for the common welfare.

The words create a sense of greed and selfishness on the part of the citizenry. In the Judeo-Christian ethic, as followed by the early settlers, selfishness wasn’t considered. The colonists found that capitalism and free enterprise worked better than the original communalism.

“Selfish interests” and “civic virtue” aren’t defined until much later in the book.

Also, the words “common welfare” are used rather than “general welfare” as they appear in the Preamble of Constitution. The two phrases have much different meaning in the world of socio-econo-politics.

Lesson 7: “What basic ideas about government were in the Declaration of Independence?”

On page 30 are listed four topics which are supposed to be the general subject of the Declaration. The first one is “Ideals.” This is a glaring use of subliminal propaganda inasmuch as “principles” would have been much more accurate. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are all about principles and truth.

Lesson 19: “How was the new government established?”

On page 83, there is a short discussion of The Bill of Rights. The text says, “It contains 10 amendments. The first eight list basic protections that had already been guaranteed in most of the state constitutions. Some of the most important of these include:

• Freedom of religion

• Freedom of the press

• Freedom of speech

• The rights of assembly and petition

• The right to a speedy, public trial by jury”

I was under the impression the first four items comprised the First Amendment, and the last one was covered in the Sixth Amendment. Is the author ignorant, or is there a revisionist agenda?

This is the detritus which passes as history in our schools today. If our educators understand what they’re teaching, our founding principles are being destroyed by design, not by accident.

By the way, nothing is said about the Second Amendment!

• Don Kennedy is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in sociology. He has been a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills since 2002.

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