As we survey the panoply of absurd ideas our legislators, both state and national, face from special interest groups these days, we have to wonder what has become of that rare commodity: common sense.

Almost all issues have two sides, but some are unreasonable while others have merit. It takes a lot of common sense, courage and wisdom to separate the rational from the irrational, especially when some of the ideas are presented to achieve the long-term political goal of creating chaos in a political system which has strong moral foundations. Chaos, which can be perpetrated only by undermining education and morality. Without the moral guidelines set forth in the laws of Nature’s God, we are a nation of hedonists.

As you study the history of the ancient Greeks and Romans, you see that morality was supplanted by hedonism eventually leading to the collapse of great societies and cultures. Human nature doesn’t change and neither do the lessons of history unless the revisionists continue to have their way.

The legislators face budget problems, immigration issues, transgender people wanting to have access to toilet facilities which are reserved for women, issues regarding the dumbing down of our education programs (Common Core State Standards), gun control, and myriad others which are too numerous to mention in a short commentary.

The budget issue is easy to solve: Don’t spend more than you receive.

Illegal immigration is more difficult because it’s a political issue in which the Democrats favor having illegals as a voting block. This is where political greed overwhelms common sense, which tells us we don’t need them. You, the reader, can fill in the arguments. You’ve heard all of them by now.

Transgender people wanting to use restroom facilities reserved for women can lead to so many unimaginable complications a 50-page tract could be written on the subject. So, I won’t go there. Use your own imagination.

Gun control is a whole other story. The control freaks tell us we’ll be safer without them, but statistics show the opposite is true. Do they have an agenda? I think so. The record shows those states with permit to carry laws have lower crime rates than those in which firearms are strictly controlled. Don’t take my word for it, do the research yourself.

Since education is regulated by the political minions of Foggy Bottom, we should be afraid for the future of our constitutional republic. Those at the helm of our ship of state are hell bent on the destruction of our national standards and our sovereignty by corrupting our education system.

The morals of our once great nation are under attack as never before. I’ve never seen anything like the persecution of the Judeo-Christian ethic as I’ve seen in the past 30 years or so.

The weakening of our moral foundation is being done incrementally through many legal actions throughout the nation. The ACLU is usually at the forefront of the attack.

So here we are, at the crossroad. Which road will you follow? That of the hedonist or that of the moralist?

• Don Kennedy is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in sociology. He has been a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills since 2002.

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Okay, let me see if I can decipher the latest angry old man rant....

You don't like people who don't believe the same things as you.

You think everyone should act the way you tell them to, based on your morals.

You believe you have facts, such as information on gun control, but you do not.

I'm going to assume you get all your information from cable news, Tea Party emails, AM radio hate-talk, and the standard right-wing websites. The problem with this is you do not get all the facts, you get sold a story to prop up your existing beliefs, whether the stories are complete and true or not.

Common sense, something you claim is in short supply, would suggest that if you limit your information sources to outlets that you already agree with, you are not getting all the facts.

I bet that's by design, because you clearly do not want the facts as they are, you want only the facts that fit your limited world view.

I suppose the bottom line is that if you want to tell the rest of us how to behave and what to believe, to borrow an expression you used in an earlier rant on this site, go pound sand.

Talk about being full of yourself.

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