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"Public schools and school boards are also in need of better regulation as to where our taxes go and how our students are getting the best education possible."

School record requests are part of accountability

There can certainly be no debate as to the importance of education for both the individual and the broader civilized society. 

Therefore, holding our public-school system accountable is one of the most critical responsibilities that the “public” must undertake to safeguard the trust we place in the school system. 

Accountability must focus on both the expected performance of the students and the financial cost burden to the society.  

How is that accomplished?  It is through the public request for the appropriate information from the Kyrene School District.

  Information that reveals all the decisions made by the school board as to how and where the public’s tax dollars are being deployed and the attendant efficacy of those decisions.  

Accountability from schools is very important as people work hard for their money and have a right to know what is going on in their school and that their money is spent “wisely.”  Public institutions should not be threatened by these requests unless they have something to hide.

Mitzi Epstein and Jennifer Jermaine seem to believe that charter schools need to be better regulated and have better accountability to the state.  I certainly agree with the need for charter schools to be properly regulated and be accountable so patrons know their taxes are not wasted.  

Public schools and school boards are also in need of better regulation as to where our taxes go and how our students are getting the best education possible.  

One case may be Kyrene de Lomas.  When we have so many students being bussed in from Maricopa, South Phoenix and Laveen, it can change the makeup of the school so much that it alters programs.   

This is fine, but it has now made Lomas school a Title 1 school and Kyrene district now wants more money to help the students “close the education gap.”

If Kyrene has an area that has lost that many students, it is time to consolidate schools until the area changes and more young people with children move into the area. 

Stealing students from other districts because we can’t fill our schools is not fair to the other districts either as the student state funds follow the student to Kyrene. 

 This is hurting the other districts as they are losing student money.

I am very much for school choice but we need all schools accountable to make sure the public’s taxes are being used wisely. Maybe more people should ask for public information requests.


-Nancy Dombrowski

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