Greg Stanton


When Phoenix voters went to the polls in the August primary election for mayor, the people of Ahwatukee Foothills supported my campaign by 3-1 margin over my nearest opponent.

This support came because I am lucky to have a long-term relationship with the people of Ahwatukee Foothills. I have a strong track record of service for our community during my nine years as your representative on the Phoenix City Council. I was relentless in my advocacy for this community, and together we accomplished quite a bit.

While on the City Council, I fought hard to bring more public safety and recreation resources to our community, including a new fire station and the Pecos Community Center and police substation. I also worked to protect the pristine mountainside of 620 State Trust land from development, adding it to the Sonoran Desert Preserve.

Now I am taking that relentless grassroots advocacy citywide in my campaign to be your next mayor in the Nov. 8 runoff election.

Phoenix is my hometown. My parents still live in the house where I grew up with my brother and two sisters, and I am now raising my own family here with my wife Nicole. This city has limitless potential, and I'm running for mayor to set Phoenix on the path to becoming a globally competitive place to work, visit, attend school, and raise a family.

At the heart of a strong city are strong neighborhoods, and no one has a stronger record of working for our communities than I do.

From day one as mayor, I will work to build a Phoenix with a sustainable and globally-competitive economy, excellent local schools and open and transparent government.

This election is too important to forget our strong communities, like Ahwatukee, and allow the lobbyists and special interests to win.

This community knows me, they know that my campaign is driven by grassroots support from people all across our great city. When I am mayor, you will never have to question who I am working for.

I am not beholden to lobbyists or special interests and will not be going to bat for old friends behind closed doors, I will be going to bat for you.

I ask for your vote and your support in this important election, but the truth is, this election isn't about me.

It is about a shared vision that we all hold for a brighter future for Phoenix. My administration will always be working for you.

That is what you trusted me to do as your city councilman, and that is what you can trust me to do as your next mayor.

• Democrat Greg Stanton is a candidate in the race for Phoenix mayor.

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