The Honorable Janet Napolitano says that this whole thing (the Secret Service, prostitutes, and the military) is “inexcusable”. Probably so. Not too many people would raise their hand, stand up, and try to make excuses for bad behavior. Not me.

Bettie Wright from Surprise offers a very different point of view (I liked going to strip clubs in the past; April 25, 2012, Arizona Republic) on the whole thing. If it’s all about freedom and liberty, and prostitution is in fact legal in Columbia, then she may have a point.

There is another perspective that I haven’t seen or heard from anyone — politician or media. Amongst all the outrage over this bad behavior, I haven’t heard a single, “Get over it. It’s realistic. It happens.”

I can’t speak about WWI; I’m sure it happened in WWII, as well as Korea, and every other military theater in the world — and probably Iraq and Afghanistan. America’s best are incredibly resourceful. The fact is that Americans must have already forgotten about Vietnam — another example of the very short American memory. During my time in Vietnam, there was lots of sex, drugs, and bad behavior conducted by U.S. military and civilians from all walks. I’m guilty, and I worked for one of the service’s “security groups” reporting directly to the NSA. OMG! NATIONAL SECURITY!

I guess my point is, don’t feel too good about your pious self-righteousness. Deal with it. Get over it.

John Latson


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