A friend on the other side of my opinions alerted me recently that she believes the “far right (wherever that is) ... is on its last legs.” They’re “extremely out of touch.” She told me, “They cling to 1950’s views and standards, and the world has moved on from that.” She delivered that news with a delicate touch.

The topic at the time was over free birth control for women, no matter who is forced to pay for it. Again, the real issue is not whether women should have birth control, but who foots the bill. Don’t get sidetracked.

Clearly, beyond the sight of liberals is our ongoing loss of self-determination (freedom) and the importance of keeping personal responsibility on the legislative table. Yes, those are 50’s ideas, alright, stretching back to our visionary Founding Fathers, who produced a proven paradigm for civil contentment and success.

My friend is right on one issue. Americans are quickly losing sight of that picture. No longer do they register how human nature works, that dignity fades with each freebie, each welfare check, and each free meal in which nothing is given back. Where food stamps are doled out like confetti and fathers abandon families so moms get checks and “free” stuff for each new baby. And, “progressive,” self-consumed college kids demand entitlement. Gimme, gimme.

Alarms are no longer heard as Big Brother uproots state’s rights and barges into our homes and schools. It’s an unbelievable American movement. All will be lost via the ignorance of so many who casually throw away centuries-old lessons on what makes man tick and what makes him sick.

Going back to the 17th century, in which socialism was first practiced in the colonies, it was painfully learned that when everyone is treated equally no matter what they produce, not only does dignity disappear, so does motivation. Hundreds died from starvation and its complications. Eventually, the practice was deemed a catastrophic failure. The system was changed to what we’d call today the “free market” — hard work and competition. Each pilgrim earned his way and thrived. (www.independent.org). America became, America.

Then political games identified the humanity within humanity: compassion. That precious, even sacred, trait is now consistently manipulated for evil intent. And those drawn in look back at old mores, which built the greatest nation, and call them passé.

They pride themselves as more compassionate, so much so, they’ll lobby to use their neighbors ingenuity, sweat and labor, to hand out freebies. It’s a new religion of sorts.

But it is a blind worship. Instead of aiding the very souls they wish to help, they handicap them and create “hand-fed seagulls,” which starve to death when required to feed themselves.

Compound that into a discouraged workforce, whose job it is to support the growing demands of those lined up at the trough.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new religion cannot sustain itself financially, morally or emotionally.

Never, ever think this conversation is about eliminating important safety nets for those unable to fend for themselves. America is compassion. Note: Conservative thinkers rank up-front in regards to charitable giving (see Arthur Brooks writings). Compassion certainly is claimed by genuine, caring humans. What we debate is the execution of that care: theft from the populace, which suffocates generosity, the very trait that fills up food banks and supports charities without mandate.

By the way, here comes “free” abortion. Check out our secretary of health care’s one-dollar move on that count. Who’s surprised? And, we learn Obamacare will be twice as expensive as first reported (Congressional Budget Office). You want free? Guess who’ll pay for it?

Good thing we’ve dumped the idealisms of the 50’s.

Folks are so enthralled with enforced compassion that they fail to see a workforce quickly losing motivation. Plus, there’s no thought to what it’ll take to heal the growing number of once capable, but soon crippled citizens, who will feed off the public teet.

East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen (turleyhansen@gmail.com) is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.


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I assume Linda is an atheist, or not a Christian, or at least has never read the book of Matthew in the Bible.

Before Social Security and the safety net, when people relied on Christian charity, 50% of the elderly lived in poverty. Coming out of a depression they did not cause, they never had a chance to save up for old age.

Now it's 10%. We have more to do, but a Christian nation succeeded where Christian charity alone failed.

We certainly can afford to help people, and Jesus requires it, we just need to stop this silly talk about not having any money. We've been shoveling wealth at the already wealthy for three decades, and letting them off the hook to pay their fair share.

As Jesus said, "I got mine, get your own". Oh, wait...


@ Chet -- Your assumption was incorrect..

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