Maybe we’ll just end up being a third-world country

Apparently C.W. Griffin fathoms himself to be the Dirty Harry Reid of Ahwatukee (“A true patriot would have risked his own life,” AFN, Aug. 3).

Pick a topic, any topic, no matter how irrelevant, roll it up into a mud ball and sling it onto a wall and hope it sticks... question Mitt Romney’s patriotism because he didn’t serve in the Armed Forces, avoiding any factual references whatsoever.

Even a minute amount of research would have demonstrated to the curious that Romney was on his Mormon Mission while of draftable age. I suppose Griffin would eliminate, as Obama seems bent on doing, any separation of Church and State?

In addition Romney was in a very serious traffic accident while on his mission in France, hit by a drunk driver, and not expected to survive the event. Romney’s passport was actually marked by a gendarme, “Mort,” and one passenger did die. So I don’t know if Romney was physically fit to be drafted anyway. By the end of his mission, Romney was “over-age.”

As for the Romney sons, Griffin failed to note that the draft ended about 14 years before any of them could have been of draft age. Convenient omission, eh?

I also “evaded” the draft. Want to take a shot at me, C.W., question my patriotism? It’ll backfire in your face... by the time I could be drafted (after graduation from MIT) I held Secret Clearance status.

I have trouble understanding this need for mud slinging. Why do you do it? Obama is going to win anyway. With the dead, the illegals, and the people without ID casting their Democrat votes, how can Obama not win?

Besides, the American public is totally ignorant, “Hollywood-ized,” clueless, and hungry for a free lunch, paid for by those “evil rich.”

Why do I say that? The American public is CERTIFIABLY IGNORANT.

Fourteenth in the world in reading, and worse in math and science. So they’re completely incapable of understanding a budget or deciphering the wheat from the chaff in the glorious “green” propaganda. The only place where we rank highest in the world is in the amount of expenditures on a non-productive education system.

Initially, I was physically ill from this realization.

Then I had an epiphany, I don’t think it’s possible to repair a society where you already have 110 million people on welfare, so Obama’s re-election can ultimately be good for the country. Borrowing from the Chinese will, sooner or later, come to a screeching halt. Then Obama will increase the printing of valueless money.

Then we will have a depression... a really bad depression, much worse than before, because we no longer have a large agrarian population to fall back on, as we did in the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Those with a skill will survive. Those without will resort to thievery. Then Darwin’s rule of survival-of-the-fittest will come into play, and we will have civil war. Government as we know it will end. And reader Todd Heaton will finally understand the necessity of the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Possibly we will be able to return to a new beginning of the United States, in the way it was originally conceived... freedom from government suppression, and rewarded for hard work and personal ingenuity.

We can hope. Maybe we’ll just end up being a third-world country.

• Jim Thompson designs custom microchips and has been a resident of the Valley for more than 50 years, nearly 20 of those in Ahwatukee Foothills.

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