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As a first generation university student and Phoenix native, I chose to study here in Arizona at Arizona State University because of its distinct take on legislative problem solving. Arizona is independent and unique; it incorporates both an agricultural economy and burgeoning city life all in one state.

The Arizona Legislature has been perhaps one of the most controversial political battlegrounds in our nation. It brings discussions to the nation’s attention and criticism. Arizona doesn’t wait for the nation to decide, the Legislature makes its own decisions.

I became involved in on-campus clubs and organizations at ASU. It was important for me to give back to my community as it had invested in me and my education. With the passage of House Bill 2169, however, I am disappointed.

The Senate and the House both passed this bill along party lines April 2.

HB 2169 is a bill pushed by Rep. John Kavanagh in an attempt to snuff out the highly successful and no less controversial Arizona Students’ Association (ASA).

For almost 40 years, ASA pushed for legislation that will help students. They bring students to the capitol regularly to lobby their representatives for bills that would keep tuition costs minimal. With a 3.5 percent rise in tuition on the horizon, let’s keep this fact in mind.

The Arizona Students’ Association is a representative body only controlled by the students. Students have the right to govern themselves at the university level and this bill usurps that right.

Arizona is where I chose to begin to build my future as a professional. Despite that, year after year, the House of Representatives churns out anti-student bills.

• Chelsea Cota is a political science major at Arizona State University and a student organizer for the Arizona Students’ Association. Contact her at

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