I would sure like to see people working together to find common ground and move the country forward for the good of all! We are better than this, or at least we can be. While we throw grenades across the aisle, other countries (China, India, Korea, etc.) are moving forward. It is somewhat shocking to students of democracy and capitalism that China's GDP (under a centrally-managed economy) has been growing substantially faster than ours. Is our in-fighting messing things up that badly?

We should not forget that much of our progress in the second half of the last century was because we were "the only game in town" post-World War II. Most of Europe's and Japan's industrial capacity was diminished by the war, so it was relatively easy to be "the best" for 20-30 years. Our parents and grandparents worked hard, but future success will be against even more and stronger competition.

We can fiddle while the country burns, or we can get serious about doing what needs to be done, and that means everybody. Job creation, economic growth, fair taxing, entitlement reform, immigration reform, fiscally responsible and restrained federal government, education/training, hard work, charity in your community, shared sacrifice, goodwill and cooperation.

That's what it will take.

Would our parents and grandparents who fought for our freedoms, and our current service men and women, be proud of our collective behavior? Will our kids and grandkids have their futures marginalized by our failure to step up and work together?

Think about this: Are our political parties' postures becoming more of impediment to our future than a benefit? What if elections were really a contest of good ideas versus a contest of "media presence" and "spin?"

If you are incredibly unsatisfied, as I am, let your elected officials and candidates know. Tell them you expect results, not media sound bites. And, tell them that you understand that cooperation, compromises and sacrifices may need to be made for the good of all, for our kids and grandkids and for the future of our country.

Bob Beane is an economics graduate of the College of Wooster and an MBA accounting graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He has been a resident of Ahwatukee since 1992.

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