Raul Gomez

Raul Gomez

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My reason for writing is that if President Barack Obama is not re-elected he would be disappointed, but overall he and his family would be OK. Now the rest of us, millions of us that depend on the president to champion the causes of the middle class, the small business man, the elderly, education, etc., would be at risk to be diminished.

Let’s face the true fact that Gov. Mitt Romney, if elected, will NOT follow through on the programs that will help many of the above people that he hopes to persuade to vote for him. Romney will not, and cannot, help the middle class and keep his PROMISE to the upper higher income class to allow them to pay less taxes on their overall income. He would have to pay for his promise by cutting budgets of all the programs that we have now. Unfortunately, he would take for granted and raise taxes on the same voters that would place him in office. The same people he now tells he would not do. Romney’s history tells us we can’t believe him.

The working (middle class) has always struggled with big business for fair wages and safe working conditions. The middle class will never have the upper hand, but will continue the fight to level the playing field. As soon as they win a concession from their employers they need to work hard not to loose it.

My support for President Obama is the reason that I am urging all voters to study and listen to the plans and programs that we will live with for the next four years. I hope we all vote and make the right choice.


• Raul Gomez is a retired Motorola machinist and industrial engineer. He has lived in Ahwatukee Foothills since 1982 and is an Arizona native.

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Obama cut taxes on small business 18 times, and half of the "stimulus" that the right like to whine about was tax cuts.

Look it up, Tea Party people.

I'm glad Romney, with his Voodoo economics, will be going down in flames in a few hours.

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