The GOP’s efforts to denigrate and subordinate women is consistent with their decades-old attempts to force their belief system on all Americans. The recent uptick in assaults on women and their reproductive and health issues is but a first step in relegating them to second-class citizenship status.

It is easy to see what steps will follow. Soon the GOP will insist that women not be allowed to drive. After that, I imagine the GOP will authorize a department of morality to regulate the length of women’s skirts — if skirts are too short clothing police will twitch their ankles with long sticks. If the women resist, they will be arrested on moral charges. It’s easy to see that the next step would be to prohibit women from venturing out of their house unless they are accompanied by a male relative. If a woman should be caught with a non-relative male she could be charged with adultery. The male, of course, would face no charges. Then I’m sure they would pass legislation to cloak women in head-to-toe burqas whenever they are in public. Finally, the dear compassionate GOP would eliminate all of a woman’s civil rights — why would they need to vote or own property when the man can take care of that?

At last, the GOP would be happy!

Edward F. Murphy


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