Rae Waters
Rep. Rae Waters, D-Ahwatukee

I’m truly excited about the Aug. 28 Democratic primary for Congress because we have an opportunity to elect someone who can make a real difference for Ahwatukee families: my friend, Andrei Cherny.

As someone who has represented our community at the state Legislature and on the school board and lived here for three decades, I know Cherny shares our values. Growing up, his parents didn’t speak much English, but was able to go to college with the help of financial aid and working three jobs. Since then, he’s been fighting to improve the lives of families like his, and mine.

In the 1990s, Cherny worked in the White House for President Clinton — who endorsed Cherny — calling him a “critical part” of a team that created 23 million jobs, balanced the budget, secured the greatest expansion of children’s health care in American history.

That’s the kind of approach we need in Washington. Not partisan ideologues, but those who measure their success in getting things done and show a willingness to work with both Democrats and Republicans to win real results. Former Attorney General Terry Goddard agrees — he’s endorsed Cherny for Congress, too.

There are three candidates in this race, but what Cherny wants to accomplish in Congress is exactly what we need in Ahwatukee.

As a longtime education advocate and mom, I’m proud that Cherny has a serious commitment to improving the quality of our local public schools.

Cherny knows government needs to do a better job of working for the people. Too many politicians, he says, have sold out to big money special interest groups that favor big corporations over the rest of us. To cut back lobbyist influence, he’s pledged to lead by example and post every meeting he has with a lobbyist on his congressional website. He’s the only candidate in this race who’s done that.

I know he’ll succeed because when it comes to integrity and having the courage to stand up to powerful interests, Cherny especially stands above the crowd. We can trust him to lead the push to hold Wall Street accountable because he’s fought fraud before. As an Arizona assistant attorney general under Goddard, he put mortgage and financial fraud artists behind bars – and he says there are too many corrupt Wall Street bankers who walk around in pinstripes when they should be wearing prison stripes.

Never again — he says — should Ahwatukee families pay such a big price and have their homes underwater because of the kind of recklessness and greed we saw leading up to the financial crash.

This is an exciting congressional race, and a great opportunity for Ahwatukee to send someone to Congress who shares our values, has won real results, and knows how to get things done. I hope you’ll join me and vote for Andrei Cherny.

• Rae Waters represented Ahwatukee in the state House of Representatives, and served for 12 years as a member of the Kyrene School District Governing Board. She lives in Ahwatukee with her husband, Jim, with whom she has raised two children.

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