We knew the battle for state's rights would be arduous, that fight currently focused on Arizona Senate Bill 1070. The U.S. District Court's ruling, supporting President Obama's refusal to seriously aid border states, confirms the war will be a doozy.

Meanwhile, those of us in the East Valley, in direct line of the invasion from the border, are forced to wait as drug lords, and who knows who else, slip through our neighborhoods. There was hope in our new immigration law, which sent a message to the world: Honor America's borders. Now that 1070 has been gutted by Judge Susan Bolton, we remain chillingly venerable.

But rather than bite nails, some folks are exercising their citizen's influence in which ever, peaceful way they can. I share what one, professional Ahwatukee Foothills couple, which requested anonymity, has done in support of SB1070.

As we are all aware, Phoenix Sun's owner Robert Sarver cares not about Sun's fans; fans who support law and a strong Arizona, protected from the evil-doers who cross our southern border. He'd rather play politics and did so by asking his team members to wear "Los Suns" jerseys in answer to SB1070.

Thus, in response to Sarver's grand standing, the respected Ahwatukee couple ended their longtime business dealings with their bank. Which bank? Sarver's bank; Alliance Bank of Arizona.

"Now, for the rest of the story:" Upon learning of their actions, Sarver called the couple. The wife shared their conversation with me: "Linda, I have never spoken to a more arrogant person. He argued with me, and tried to convince me how irrational my view was. He would not let me finish a sentence, kept interrupting me. I was intentionally respectful. I finally interrupted him to tell him the conversation was over. I could not close our accounts fast enough," she said. Then added: "By the way, I am a first generation American. My parents were legal immigrants."

And, folks, that's how it's done. This courageous couple was willing to pay the price of switching banks and enduring all the paperwork it created for their business.

Where ever your influence is, use it. Either we insist on a nation of laws or chaos will rule.

Note, The Heritage Foundation's response to Judge Bolton's ruling: "In a textbook case of judicial activism, Judge Bolton rewrote the Arizona law to her own needs, invented her own facts and ignored clear federal law." Further, the foundation states that Obama's assault on the rule of law is a "pernicious pattern," (morningbell@heritage.org).

That loathsome pattern forced Arizona's actions, with other states following. The Arizona Republic reports, "1,180 bills dealing with immigration were introduced in 45 states" this year.

Those celebrating Bolton's ruling claim that a "patchwork of state and federal laws are unproductive." Well, yes. But, what is more unproductive than a president who won't close the borders, despite reports from his own administration of terrorist crossings? While appeals to 1070 play out, political opportunists will continue manipulating the innocent among the illegals; pawns in a dangerous, political game. Yet, many illegals want to go home.

They should contact one group, doing its part to support immigration law and order. Americans for Legal Immigration promotes protected, "voluntary mass-exodus of illegal immigrants from Arizona," (www.alipac.us). We certainly wish safe passage for all and invite them to return legally.

They're wise to go rather than remain in the crossfire, while one single state of courageous citizens takes on a corrupt guard dog that refuses to guard.

Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix television news anchorwoman who lives in the East Valley. Her column appears monthly. She can be reached by e-mail at turleyhansen@gmail.com.


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