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Every school under the Tempe Union School District promotes a different attempt to simulate the AMA’s policy, although not one comes to the minimum.

A typical high schooler wakes up, gets ready and goes to school to receive an education. Most high schoolers gets homework every day, and they tend to stay up every night finishing homework.

Once they finish their homework, they wake up the next day all tired and have no energy for the day. The only way to fix this problem is to limit the school hours and give less assignments so they can achieve their daily amount of sleep every night.

Students across America are not receiving their recommended daily amount of sleep. School timing is a very big issue as nearly four out of five schools in America begin the day before 8:30.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been studying the adverse effects caused by this deprivation of dreaming.

The lead author and epidemiologist among the CDC’s division of population health has stated, “Getting enough sleep is important for students’ health, safety, and academic performance.” They surveyed over 40,000 students of all ages.

Their findings show that since 2007, a steady rate of two thirds of students in schools are not getting an adequate amount of rest. Most teens need about nine hours of sleep a night. The problem is widespread throughout all schooling levels, but the highest rates occur in the older teenagers. Nine hours of sleep is only achievable for “8 percent of high school students... this proportion decreases as school grade level increases.”

Students are progressively damaging their own mental health by not sleeping enough daily. As each year to these students passes by, more and more information is added to the curriculum and more work is required in the same amount of time. This problem is more prevalent and posted among countries using higher levels of devices, but it can also be seen in student across the globe.

Another study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information went more in depth on the aspects of what is causing students to have poor sleeping schedules.

While late bedtimes and early alarm clocks feed into the problem, other factors are natural, like the “alteration of a child’s circadian rhythms, such that adolescents are more alert in the afternoons and evenings and require morning sleep.”

These problems compile on students at the same time from different causes, like an increase in academic work and personal work, paired with a minimizing time in the day taken up by other activities, and changes occurring in their own bodies which ousts their sleeping schedules.

Adolescent students are effectively damaging their health trying to stay proficient. Schools need to start taking advice from the medical research institutes of the world and delay school start times.

This issue is a major health risk to young adults as it promotes prolonged damages to mental and physical processes. The issue alone caused both The AMA and The CDC to publish articles to promote the use of later school start times. The AMA had adopted a new policy as of June 14, 2016 to “encourage reasonable school start times that allow students to get sufficient sleep.”

Although this policy was announced and launched in 2016, two years ago, schools across America are still faced with too early starting times.

Every school under the Tempe Union School District promotes a different attempt to simulate the AMA’s policy, although not one comes to the minimum.

Good sleep hygiene in combination with later school times will enable adolescents to be healthier and better academic achievers.” Help our students achieve their academic pinnacle by informing or emailing local principals of the Tempe Union School District.

Genetically, sleeping later has proven data; let us be greater achievers and bigger dreamers.

-The writers are students at Desert Vista High School.

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I was about to start laughing, but then I saw "The writers are students.." and it all made sense.
Soooo NOW they want more sleep, less time at school, AND less work to do.
Our society is crumbling....
What, exactly, would those kids be prepared for if they got all that?
REAL LIFE? Not a chance.
In real life, we get up at 5 am...and sometimes don't get home till 10p. I do it about once a week..
If they want more sleep, why don't they try getting off their stupid snapchat and twitter for a bit?
Try getting off that xbox, spending 3 hours a night playing fortnight?
If a teen needs to be in school, lets say by 8am...waking up at 7am is MORE than enough time. If you cant manage that, you are doomed.
Which means, to get 8 hrs sleep, you would need to be in bed by 11pm..
If you think it takes from 4pm to 11pm to do homework, you are smoking crack.
A LOT of teens now, in their last few years, don't even have full schedules..
But cant get enough sleep?
#lazytown. Glad my kids got through it with minimal exposure to this garbage...

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