It saddens me that Wes Gullett has decided to continue the smear campaign against Greg Stanton as Phonecians prepare to go to the polls this week. As Gullett correctly points out in his commentary ("Government's role is to help small business create jobs by reducing barriers," AFN, Aug. 28), this election is important - but the rest of his comments fail to deliver the leadership that Phoenix needs from its next mayor. While Gullett tries to mislead voters and ignore the conflict of interest that would exist in his administration due to his ties to FirstStrategic - which he still will not renounce in a common sense pledge that would guarantee no lobbyists in the mayor's office, Greg Stanton continues to be straight forward with Phoenix voters about the vision he has for our city.

Gullett paints a picture where he is the only pro-jobs candidate, but that could not be farther from the truth. In fact, Stanton has a clearly defined jobs plan - right on his website ( Stanton understands that investing in small businesses, strengthening education in Phoenix, and preparing Phoenix for a more sustainable future are the best ways to create growth. It's easy for Gullett to throw around slogans and attacks - but while the Gullett campaign continues the dirty tricks, Stanton continues to offer real solutions, supported by strong public service. Gullett's slogans and attacks will not strengthen Phoenix - that's why I'm supporting the strong record of results, and clear vision for our city that Stanton will bring as Phoenix's next mayor.

Chase Williams is a senior at Arizona State University, majoring in political science. He is treasurer of the Maricopa County Working Young Democrats and a precinct captain for the Foothills Precinct.

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