With the 2010-2011 school year successfully under way, our student enrollment numbers are up, and it has once again been clearly demonstrated that staff have worked diligently to prepare for another productive year. Maintenance and operations staff and construction crews have worked through the summer to ensure that bond projects approved by voters in the 2008 election would be completed on schedule, and our schools would be clean and safe.

The district has been working diligently toward completion of the approved Bond Projects. Over the summer weeks, a variety of projects were completed within the approved Bond Project list, such as the replacement of cooling towers and chillers, re-roofing buildings, resurfacing parking lots, replacing unsafe fencing and the refurbishment of elevators and tracks, to name a few.

Although summer break was a vacation time for some, many of our staff and students spent their summer actively engaged in the summer math, fine arts, science and engineering academies and summer school in our schools. I had the opportunity to visit the academies and it was inspirational to see the excitement demonstrated by students and staff as they were engaged in "hands-on" learning activities. I commend you all, parents and staff, for your commitment to supporting and providing the highest quality of education for our students.

Last year the district completed a technology assessment and, based upon those final recommendations, we have begun a phased implementation plan. One of the initial projects is the replacement of a number of laptops with Netbooks that will result in a significant amount of money saved in energy costs. I will be sharing additional information with you throughout the year regarding the progress.

I would echo the message that my colleague, Dr. David Schauer, superintendent of the Kyrene School District, sent to the community. We are painfully aware of the loss of jobs and homes during these troubling times; however, as Schauer has committed for the Kyrene schools, Tempe Union High School District will continue to provide our students with a high quality educational program. As evidenced by the increase in student enrollment in our district, many have chosen Tempe Union because of the demonstrated achievements and accomplishments of students and staff.

We are more fortunate than many of the school districts throughout the state to begin the 2010-2011 school year with a positive budget, allowing us to continue to provide our students with a comprehensive educational program necessary for them to be prepared and successful graduates. I look forward to an exciting and productive year as we launch new programs and initiatives, each designed to assist us in accomplishing challenging goals that enable Tempe Union to remain a leading educational organization.

Steve Adolph is superintendent of the Tempe Union High School District, which serves Ahwatukee Foothills with Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe high schools.


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