When do we call it treason?

This is what I see. Arizona is at war. Yet, our president refuses to secure our borders. In fact, he stands in harmony with the Mexican president who condemns Arizona for striving to keep its citizens safe and treasury intact. 

Under heavy pressure, President Obama finally agreed to meet Thursday with Gov. Jan Brewer, but he’s on the record as being against Arizona’s controversial immigration law. It’s “misguided,” he says. Oh I wish it were not so, but this meeting is nothing more than theater, on an international scale, a stall, while the flood continues across the border.

Treason: “Violation of allegiance toward one’s country – especially the betrayal – by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies” (education.yahoo.com).

Leaving our borders open knowingly provides illegal entry into America. Terrorists know all about it. He knows they know.

Earlier this year (March 18, 2010), Homeland Security News reported this warning from the FBI director: “In February, Sheikh Abdullah al-Nasifi, a known al-Qaida recruiter, boasted on al Jazeera television that Mexico’s border with the United States was the ideal infiltration point for terrorists seeking to attack America.

“‘Four pounds of anthrax – in a suitcase this big – carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S., are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour if it is properly spread in population centers there,’ al-Nasifi said.”

Numerous alerts warn of terrorist access to the Southern border. Pathetically, embarrassingly, Obama offers 1,200 National Guard troops. “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche – Let them eat cake!”

The Constitution, article IV, section 4 demands that the president protect “every state in the union – against invasion.” The Constitution is the law of the land.

Since 9/11, we’ve been put on notice that more is coming. Yet, still the border sits wide open. Every citizen must ask: “When is the bridge to treason crossed?”

I don’t feel safe. My neighbors don’t feel safe. In neighborhood gatherings, the topic is “fear.” People are buying up extra food, stocking water.

When trust goes missing, citizens begin to fear for their civil rights: Guns, speech, liberty to move freely; basics within the American way. Trust is the greatest of all gifts the Oval Office receives from the citizenry. It’s a president’s to lose, to squander, to kiss off.

How is it that this president is so ineffective, so disconnected from his citizens and his troops? Really, do you want to blame this on politics?

Everywhere others are asking similar questions; the blogs, conservative cable and some of the mainstream media. This president is no longer seen as “hope.” They sense a chill in his demeanor; he appears to feign emotion. Still, his words come easily, but his actions don’t back them up, and the promised transparency is non-existent.

Some think his worst problem is oil washing up on the Louisiana shores. Clearly, the oil scum is symbolic of what’s really coming at us.

Heaven forbid should we come under attack, while he’s the commander in chief. I don’t know who he is, but his mind is not the mind of the American majority. Some think the November elections will neutralize him. No. Only he can put us at ease. Otherwise, as long he’s the one who receives that 3 a.m. phone call, this nation dares not sleep.

Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix television news anchorwoman who lives in the East Valley. Her column appears monthly. She can be reached by e-mail at turleyhansen@gmail.com.


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Randal J

What, did I wake up and it's 2003 again?! Anthrax? What next, yellow cake? WMDs? Why the sudden outcry about terrorists crossing the Mexican boarder? Why wasn't it treason when Bush was president and illegals were crossing at an even higher rate?

Linda, come to think of it, I thought we were fighting "them" over there (Iraq) so that we wouldn't HAVE to fight them over here. And I thought the spread of democracy from Iraq throughout the Middle East was going to nullify the future of terrorism. What happened? Can I have a "Take" on just what happened with that?

In fact, since the Bush economic disaster, there are fewer reasons for illegals to stay, and their numbers are actually down. Granted, we cannot give Obama credit for that. Maybe the thing to do is to de-regulate everything, causing more greed-induced bubbles.

I'll concede SOMETHING had to be done in Arizona in an election year to stir up the pot. To get people really pissed about things they really don't understand.

You might think spreading this hysteria might help your case, and might help re-elect the fossils we have in our state government. And you'd be right.

But the real criminals from across the boarder - drug runners, coyotes, etc. are not going to be bothered much by 1070. They're not here to stay anyway. But if it is enforced, let's not kid ourselves, it will affect legals and illegals at about the same rate. All you need is brown skin. Not that you need to worry.

Our failing economy has done more to discourage illegal immigration than anything else. Maybe if you and your friends (and maybe if they tell their friends) keep stocking food and water, waiting for the day of the Big Invasion, things will improve.


Woooooooowwwwww...does Randall live in a snow cave at the polar cap? Could you be any more ignorant?

I guess the only logical explanation is that you are 11 years old or never read about any current events. Well let's catch you up on the facts, since it is apparent that you are woefully short of them.

The policy in the middle east is well known...read up on it. But know this...this policy will NOT stop terrorism. Next time use an ounce of logic.

The economic disaster happened during Bush's second term, NOT because of it. For handy reference, think how it would sound if we were stoopid and blamed the oil spill on Obama.

The number of illegals in the country is GROWING, not going down. Just because some are leaving or the number of illegals crossing are down or more are dying in the desert does NOT mean the total is down. Latest estimates are in the range of 10.7 million to as many as 20 million. That's a problem, whether you understand it or not.

It appears that you are one of the many who don't understand the immigration problem. That is conceded. It is not hysteria, as a typical person of the left would categorize it. It IS a major problem and needs to be addressed by this state.

This is NOT a case of racism or profiling, like the left loves to say. Funny thing is that the majority of those illegals have brown skin, but the other funny thing is that one could make a case for any color of skin coming across. By your simpleton way of thinking, we won't be able to enforce THE LAW, because someone might get offended. TOO BAD SO SAD.

Hey...you got one right. The failing economy has hurt the immigrants trying to make a living here illegally. I suppose that you, in all your ignorance, would say that that is the answer. Let the economy slide into the abyss, and no one will cross the border.

Time for you to finish elementary school...

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