LaDawn Stuben

LaDawn Stuben

“Our neighbors are our brothers and sisters. We should treat them with love and respect” is the lesson my parents instilled in my five younger siblings and me as children.

I grew up in a community united by service and loving one another. I was taught that we take care of each other. I believe these values have led me to where I am today.

I’ve knocked thousands of doors during my campaign for state representative, meeting my neighbors and listening to the concerns of voters in our district. Arizonans want quality healthcare that doesn’t break the bank and fully funded public education.

Healthcare is vital to the well-being of our community. Nobody should have to choose between paying for a prescription and buying groceries. We have a moral obligation to provide for all of us including senior citizens, our veterans and our youth. Medicare for all is the answer.

The other main issue on everyone’s minds is public education. I believe that every child deserves an excellent public school in their neighborhood with small class sizes and services for special needs, disabilities and counseling.

The crossroads of these two issues is funding; how do we pay for it?

We must close corporate loopholes that benefit big business and career politicians in power and cost us millions in lost tax revenue.

We have a regressive tax structure in Arizona that relies too heavily on sales tax and disproportionately burdens the poor and middle class. It’s time the extremely wealthy pay their fair share.

In order to accomplish this, we have to elect lawmakers with the political courage to take care of our most vulnerable.

Hard-working Arizonans know what issues are important to them. I’ve been listening. I am running for office to represent the working families, small business owners, and everyday citizens of Legislative District 18.

It is time we stand up and fight for our community.

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