Those staging to pull the world back from the brink are in motion. Their visions of hope are taking form. They are the Millennials (born after 1980) and the New Silents (born after 2000).

Maybe you’ll share this message with your children. Help them understand their destiny is within themselves, away from addictions and society’s narcissistic patterns.

We watch the tragedy of songstress Miley Cyrus. Her delight in degrading her beautiful self before dumbstruck viewers must be drug induced. We remember Britney Spears in similar conditions and Lindsay Lohan, and all those young, sorrowful talents who kill themselves one way or the other.

But, the survival instinct is ever present. We are promised, in the book titled, “The Fourth Turning,” by historians William Strauss and Neil Howe that, it will be our current youth who will rebuild a crippled world, shift it away from its current collapse, a collapse predicted to stretch into the late 2020s.

According to the authors, a series of four cycles occurs every century; the fourth results in society breakdown. Sure enough, all appearances indicate we’re headed there now.

As I see it, in this “fourth turning,” our children must save themselves. Mom and dad apparently can’t do it, though most want to.

We must note, as they take on this challenge, these youth face a major handicap. Many come from broken families, which are now the norm. We watch and learn: In the case of the breakdown of the human habitat, will trials really strengthen and build character?

Some children are even bred to participate in a family experiment. Though it should be their inalienable rights to claim a mom and a dad somewhere on their family tree, they are denied in deference to gay, adult whims.

On the other hand, many children with mom and dad pedigrees, are also shaken via the shuffle of divorce or significant-other breakups. It’s a mess.

And, of course there’s always greed, war and global contention which uses up the rest of their youthful equity.

But, futurists Strauss and Howe identify these very generations as those who will rebuild our world. Many have already started.

Watch for rising, youth movements. For this writing, I’ll use one case in point, though there are multiple ways these generations will soar, i.e. arts, science, spiritual worship, environment and health.

Check out It’s the site of one of the largest Christian youth movements in the nation, which began a decade ago at North Dakota State University. Member’s hope to “reset” the world, just as we reset our technology equipment. They are on a serious mission.

We also know Facebook, tweets and other types of media have their subcultures of “role models” and “fans.” There, find young people following their highest yearnings. They guide one another into healthy living; offering vistas of promise and stability; offering a family of sorts.

Used right, the social media allows them to urge others, globally, to choose truth over lies, recognizing that the fast, materialistic, addictive driven life of the Boomers and Generation X can be death.

Interestingly, Strauss and Howe not only predict the Millennials and New Silents will rebuild the world, but they will do it with “conservative” vision.

Here’s one “square” who thinks that’s just great. I wish them God speed.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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