How Ahwatukee Farms would occupy the old golf course

This statement was signed by 11 Realtors in Ahwatukee.

Many clients and families we care about have chosen to live in Ahwatukee. Its combination of safe neighborhoods, wonderful small businesses and strong, diverse educational options is what every family is hoping for in a community.

It is why we recommend this community without hesitation.

Buying a house isn’t just about finding the right community to live in, however. It is the most important financial investment many people make, and with it comes the consideration of how changes in a community will affect their property values.

While we believe in the future of Ahwatukee Foothills, we also know that we need leadership in our community that presents innovative ideas, creates new opportunities and brings the type of excitement and energy that appeals to homebuyers and increases current homeowners’ property values.

After the closing of the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course, it is clear that the current makeup of the property is untenable. While it once was an enjoyable place for locals to play a round, the reality is that it will never again be a golf course. The cost of water and maintenance alone make it impossible.

Additionally, the Ahwatukee Foothills area is already oversaturated with golf courses while the sport struggles to catch on with younger generations.

If any operator were interested in buying the property to revive the course, they would have already stepped forward. More than 100 acres of dead grass is an eyesore.

The True Life Companies’ vision of Ahwatukee Farms is an exciting proposal featuring multiple aspects that will increase property values to surrounding residents.

 First, community-supported agriculture is one of the hottest community amenities in the country. Neighborhoods and projects in Arizona like Agritopia in Gilbert and Singh Farms in Tempe prove its appeal.

The well-respected Urban Land Institute commissioned a report that showed community-supported agriculture dramatically improved property values within areas where CSA’s were started. All Ahwatukee residents will have the opportunity to become a member of the farm, collecting weekly organic vegetables.

Secondly, Ahwatukee needs newly developed home options to remain attractive for new families. Ahwatukee Farms’ plan preserves a minimum of 30 acres as open space including more than two miles of trails, to connect the farm, cafe, Montessori school campus, community parks and lakes for EVERYONE in Ahwatukee to enjoy.

Lastly, this provides us a great opportunity to upgrade our traffic and hydrology systems.

True Life has shown their creative ideas to limiting traffic congestion and improving flood control in the area, which would benefit all homeowners and increase the attractiveness of homes in the area.

We love Ahwatukee Foothills and we are proud to be residents and small business owners here.  We encourage all property owners who have the opportunity to sign a consent form for Ahwatukee Farms to do so. Let’s move forward!

Signed by: Dean Carver, Stephanie Coffman, Mimi Cox, Christie Ellis, Randy Fitch, Carolyn Glass, Jim Hunt, Devida Lewis, Dawn Matesi, Karla Rozum and Judy Young.

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