David Schauer

David Schauer, Kyrene School District superintendent

As we deal with the aftermath of yet another disaster in our nation, I thought it would be important to highlight the heroism that takes place every day in our classrooms and community.

The mammoth tornado that recently destroyed thousands of homes and also struck several schools is devastating to the community of Moore, Okla. As we hear the stories of first responders rescuing people from the rubble and teachers shielding their students from harm as concrete block walls poured down on top of them, we have to acknowledge that there is much goodness in the world around us each and every day because of people who are literally willing to consistently put their lives on the line for each other. We sometimes either take this for granted or do not recognize this is the mentality that is so prevalent in our community as well as throughout the country.

We have such common interests and similar values when we remember what really matters the most and that we have so much to be grateful for. Let’s continue to be unified in supporting the children who are creating the future by figuring out how to solve today’s problems and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

I would like to thank the entire Kyrene community for another very successful school year. There is no better place to educate children than the Kyrene School District because of the staff’s ongoing dedication, commitment and support.

• Dr. David K. Schauer is superintendent of the Kyrene School District.

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I just read a story in the Ahwatukee News where the Phoenix Police arrested a 73 year old man with Alzheimers for possibly groping the Desert Vista girls track team as it ran by him. This is incredible, first, can the girls not run faster than a 73 year old man that has an illness. Secondly, if this was part of the school, where were the coaches to help prevent this incident. Lastly, when we have enough crime here in Ahwatukee and the Phoenix Police can not catch people burglarizing homes, must they resort to arresting old people with alzheimers that do not know what they are doing, it is an illness that we may all suffer at some time in the future. Please tell me that this story in your paper on June 21, 2013 is not true. If it is true, then our police department really needs to gain an awareness of what some disease processes entail.
John McGee

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