With the early-November midterms barreling down upon us, every day it becomes more and more apparent that elections have consequences. Don't believe me? Just look at the newest endangered species: The Democrats. Less than two years ago the hope-and-change Democrats were the talk of the town, but now they're being run out of town. The Democrats are on the brink of political extinction, and everybody knows it. They had their short-lived political fun under the sun, and now they're done. There's no question that come Nov. 2, the Democrats absolutely will lose control of the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate.

There's also no question why the Democrats are losing control: The vast majority of Americans have had it with Obama's "hope and change." And how can you really blame them, either? Obama has had anything but the Midas touch. Everything that he has tried has succeeded only in exacerbating the recession, skyrocketing the national debt, taking away personal liberty and jeopardizing national security. With an abysmal track record like this, it's no wonder why Americans can't wait to "clean house."

For starters, look at the abysmal three quarters of a trillion dollar stimulus. Obama promised that the 787 billion dollar stimulus would keep the national unemployment rate from going above 8 percent. But as everybody all too painfully now knows, Obama failed to deliver on the promise because for the last 14 months the national unemployment rate has hovered just under 10 percent, so much for Obama's promise.

And so much for Obama's promise that the stimulus, if approved, would create "shovel ready" jobs. It's bad enough that these shovel ready jobs never materialized, but it's worse yet because Obama just admitted in the current New York Times Magazine that there really is no "no such thing as shovel-ready" jobs. So much for Obama's promise.

And so much for Obama's promised "Summer of Recovery." This past summer was anything but a recovery. The economy is worse now than ever, as attested to by not only the staggering unemployment rate but also the near-stagnant growth in job creation. So much for the summer of recovery.

And so much for Obamacare. Touted as the holy grail of health care, Obama's socialist vision of utopian universal health care has now become America's worst nightmare. And for good reason. At a time when many millions of Americans couldn't get a job and/or keep their home, Obama decided that health care reform was our nation's most pressing need. In so doing, Obama couldn't have shown worse judgment and leadership. But as bad as that is, it's not the worst of it because this horrid legislation was rammed through despite the fiercely adamant opposition of the vast, vast majority of all Americans. But it gets even worse because Obamacare marks the first time in our nation's storied history the federal government has forced all Americans to buy a product. This is as un-American as it gets. Americans have always had the freedom to buy what they want, but now Bully Big Brother has the unmitigated gall to tell us that we have no say in the matter. Chillingly Orwellian, this ominously portends the loss of ever more personal liberty. Today we have to buy health care. Tomorrow it'll be something else. When will it ever end?

It'll end when "we the people" stand up and take back our government. In this regard, President Reagan couldn't have said it better: "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

Philip Moon is a physics teacher at Mountain Pointe High School in Ahwatukee Foothills.

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