The tale of two Americas. We have the America which is comfortable with the collective government control of production through socialism or communism, plus all of the misery which goes with collectivism. On the other hand, we have the America which wants liberty for the individual to control the means of production and all of the benefits which derive from the spirit of the free man.

Is collective ownership of capital better than private ownership of capital? Ask the failed communist states. Today, our private property rights are in jeopardy thanks to those who disavow our Constitution. To go a step further, our entire constitutional form of government is in peril.

Those who believe in freedom and liberty are in accord with the beliefs of the Founders of our nation. Our Founders believed in Nature’s God and the laws of Nature’s God. They believed in the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as given to us by Nature’s God. They were so bold as to put those ideas in writing in our Declaration of Independence in July, 1776, and, subsequently, in the Preamble to our Constitution in September, 1787. There are no other documents like these which establish a government of any kind in the history of mankind.

Those who prefer socialism and communism have placed their faith in the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx as written in 1848. Those people and politicians follow the philosophy of Humanism which was conjured up by Marx and Friedrich Hegel, among others, in the mid-19th century and by some philosophers of the Renaissance. The historical connection between the Manifesto and Humanism is no accident.

Briefly stated, Humanism is secular and believes in the human condition as the foundation of rational and empirical thought as opposed to those who believe in the laws of Nature’s God and have faith in Nature’s God as the basis for our morality and thought. The secular versus the non-secular. The atheists versus the believers. Good versus evil. A never-ending battle.

As a nation, how did we arrive at our current state of affairs? For starters, we took Nature’s God out of our schools and out of the public discourse. The Judeo-Christian ethic is being persecuted more than it has been since the time of Christ. Why? Is it to accommodate the Humanists? The politically correct? Islam? The power-hungry mentally unreliable who often find their way into political leadership? Is there an agenda to “level the playing field?” Probably so. Would you like to define the meaning of the phrase? Could it mean the replacement of liberty with oppressive regulation by a collectivist government?

All of the above cannot stand the truth of the light of the Judeo-Christian ethic when its penetrating beam is placed on them. They scatter like roaches in the night when the truth is told. They go back into the dark recesses of mendacity, misinformation and disinformation only to emerge again when the light of truth fades.

To the detriment of our nation, the truth of the Judeo-Christian ethic has been removed from the schools which are a major part of the foundation of our culture. It has been replaced by the thought control mechanism of the politically correct.

The school curriculum has been so weakened in the past 50 years that the teachers of the 1950s and 1960s wouldn’t recognize it. Yet, we continue to spend more money every year to improve a system which is broken and can be repaired only by an honest assessment of the problem. It isn’t money, it’s the quality and content of the curriculum. As Vladimir Lenin said: “Give me the children for eight years and they will be Bolsheviks forever.” He well understood the concept of brainwashing. The lesson has not been lost on academia and our government.

Education has been replaced by indoctrination. It’s time to change that.

• Don Kennedy is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in sociology. He has been a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills since 2002.

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Oh Donny Don Don... you set up a false argument, that there are "two Americas", and then ramble on like a drunken Glenn Beck.

These Tea Party folks live in a weird fantasy world created by AM radio, chain emails, and websites posting "news" with highly questionable sources.

Because they live in a closed world of very tightly controlled information, they get these weird ideas of communists and Marxists coming to take away their freedom.

What century is this guy living in?

More fear, hate, and ignorance from the crazy far right.

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