NO! Tell this message to Pulte and Mr. Gee. Remember, these guys are NOT our friends. They are not trying to “work with us.” They are rolling right over us. They have meetings filled with convenient conversations. This is like petting your cow just before butchering it. NO! I have been around these travesties before and years afterward neighbors are shrugging their shoulders saying, “Gee, we got taken again.” Don’t let it happen to us. They cannot promise a density of homes in our golf fairways until they get final permission from the Phoenix Planning and Zoning Commission.

I’ve seen the discussions at these meetings and it is in the BEST interest for Pulte to get as many homes per acre as possible. Their proposal of 2.5 homes per acre includes the green belts and will have to increase to produce more money. What Pulte says their “proposed plan” is right now will certainly be changed later. For their profitability. Have you paced off 75 feet from your back property line for a sense of where and what you will be staring at? Green space or your new neighbor? Will they be older than 55 years with no children or will they be full of young adults with several children? You don’t know and Pulte makes this all sound so nice.

The final plan is far from today’s rhetoric. They may build a new club house. They may not. Who cares? It is not in writing. NO! They want you to gleefully give up your premium lot and wonderful golf course view. In return, you will get HUGE DIRT TRUCKS coming through your neighborhoods ripping up the trees, fairways and build acres of homes. The Lakes is in an area draining precipitation from South Mountain. It is in the flood plain they say they can control. Few times in America’s history has anyone controlled a flood plain. Simple logic: Today we see the golf course flood and spill over major streets during a deluge and they say they can add scores of houses in the middle of the fairways and control it? NO!

Are you ready for hundreds of laborers and tradesmen of various levels, some legal and some illegal to work on these houses around your neighborhood? Security experts will tell you crime goes up in construction zones and surrounding areas. Are you ready for that? NO! People, are you ready for DUST and CEMENT TRUCKS and delivery SEMI-TRACTOR TRAILERS piercing your peace and quiet to build all these houses? We have traffic issues now and Ahwatukee is known as the “largest cul-de-sac in the world.” Their “studies” are going to make it all better? More people, more cars will make the traffic get better? Folks, how about some logic here. SAY NO!

Pulte and Mr. Gee are the same kind of ilk that talked middle class Americans into buying properties and mortgages in the last housing bubble. If you wonder how they did it just look at their efforts today to sway public opinion in their favor. They are pouring BIG money into this marketing campaign to change public opinion. Your public opinion. Do not be hoodwinked. Say NO!

Have you heard the talking point, “Your property values will go up with this development!” Did you think to pencil in your yearly property taxes that will go up, too?

Another talking point, “The golf industry is going downhill.” It always does during a lull in the economy!

Did you hear the one, “What other plan is the opposition offering?” Several plans are being considered and we need your input at our next meeting. The first step is stop this development. Sal DiCiccio, you are invited, too. So, say NO!

Pulte needs to back away and not poison our community. Mr. Gee and Company needs to put on their big boy pants and take this investment loss like everyone else that bought high at the wrong time. He wants our misfortune to be his fortune. They can write off their bad decisions the same as many Americans had to. Say NO! to Pulte and NO! to Mr. Gee. NO! to changing the CC&R’s. Do not be bullied!

IF I discuss home buying with anyone from all across America my answer will be, “Any builder but Pulte!”

• Dan Tamblo is an Ahwatukee resident and author.

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