Allegedly professionals at the Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital knowingly and wilfully delayed, misled, and maltreated our nation’s veterans, and that infuriates me and it should infuriate every American.

After first learning of the scandal at the Phoenix VA Hospital I have advocated for an earnest pursuit of truth so those responsible will be held to account for their malfeasance.

This situation illuminates an important truth: our government can’t even take care of the 6.5 million veterans who fought to defend the very existence of this nation.

Then how can we expect our government to deliver quality health care to over 330 million Americans? Evidence and experience clearly suggest this is an impossibility.

Today’s VA Health System is tomorrow’s Obamacare.

The VA Health System is pure government-run single-payer health care, and it’s an utter disaster. This system shows us that government-run health care is not compassionate or humane, it’s barbaric and corrupt.

• Andrew Walter is running for Congressional District 9.

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