Mistakenly labeled the “guns-everywhere” bill by gun control advocates, a recently-enacted Georgia law opens churches, sports arenas, recreation centers and other formerly gun-banned spaces to gun-carrying occupants. It’s still not “guns everywhere,” however. It’s “guns almost everywhere.” And as nothing else could, the glaringly significant exception betrays the gun lobby’s lying hypocrisy.

This significant exception to Georgia’s “almost-everywhere” law is the state capital, where legislators transact their political business. Through this exception, the gun lobby tacitly admits that its basic propaganda perpetrates a gigantic fraud. For if the gun lobby truly believes that opening buildings to guns always enhances public safety (and that is its prime message), then they would exempt no building to a guns-everywhere law. By retaining the traditional ban on guns in legislative halls, the gun lobby admits its hypocrisy. Just as they do on the federal level, where they support a 64-year-old ban on guns in Congress, the NRA and its fellow gun enthusiasts implicitly acknowledge the gun bans’ efficacy enhancing public safety.

There is no logical rebuttal to the foregoing argument. If gun lobbyists truly believed that guns always promote safety, they would adamantly demand it for their political friends. But judged by their own policy statements, they are subjecting their friends to unnecessary danger.

This obvious inference is, of course, way beyond the NRA’s gullible, simple-minded masses. They listen to Executive Director Wayne LaPierre’s tedious tirades despite their mythical quality. At the recent NRA convention, LaPierre’s crackpot rants, charging President Obama with instituting a Marxist dictatorship, appeal to pathological fear and paranoia. But what LaPierre’s votaries lack in intelligence and numbers, they make up in fanatical intensity. That explains why gun lobbyists continually triumph over their more numerous, but apathetic opponents.

It is sheer monumental ignorance that prevents pro-gun advocates from sensing LaPierre’s lack of patriotism. Unknown to most Americans, LaPierre has frightened Congress from banning gun sales to suspects on the terrorist watch list. To LaPierre’s gun-manufacturer clients, sales to terrorist suspects bloat their profits, and that is all that counts.

The gun lobby’s masterminds obviously agree with the majority of Americans who believe that gun bans enhance public security. But they are perpetrating a gigantic racket, and to serve their gun manufacturer clients they must risk lives by opening more buildings to guns. They follow the morality of the Mafia.

• C.W. (Bill) Griffin is a retired consulting engineer. He has lived in Ahwatukee Foothills for 22 years.

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