If you are planning on watching any of your favorite TV shows over the next couple of weeks, make sure to set your DVR’s. If you don’t, you will get stuck watching the endless stream of GOP presidential primary commercials from our candidates who will be promising you the world.

Though the primary season is good for our economy, as these candidates pour millions of dollars into our local economy, I’m not overly excited to see and hear about promises that they are likely not to keep. I know that I sound cynical, but this isn’t my first rodeo.

I expect it to be “politics as usual.” They will attempt to pander to our good senses about topics and issues that they think we care about. As candidates attempt to garner our votes, they lose sight on what’s really important to us.

As the GOP presidential candidates descend on this great state of ours, I implore them to keep their eye on the ball. Focus on what really matters to the average Arizonan. Excite us to your cause and let us know that you have our families’ best interest in mind.

Jobs, jobs and jobs: Let’s face it, still after three years under the Obama administration, a good paying job is hard to come by. I still have many friends and family members struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table. Though the current administration believes that they are building a stronger economy and creating jobs, that belief is not based on reality.

I understand that there is no easy solution, but since Romney, Paul, Santorum and Gingrich want the job, I want to know specifics on what they are going to do to put America back to work. Don’t simply tell me that you are going to create jobs. Tell me how you are going to do it.

Are you going to lower taxes and motivate those who are hoarding trillions of dollars to invest back into the country? Where is the blueprint of what they can expect to pay in taxes? All they want is a definitive idea of what their tax liabilities are.

Show me the specifics on how you are going to balance the budget. There is a direct correlation between the real unemployment numbers and the outrageous debt we are incurring on an annual basis. The more money we spend, the more money we need to take from the private sector, which in the end means fewer job opportunities for you.

Protect the border: After three years in office, I still have no idea where the president stands on the border issue and god forbid if our governor should have the audacity to bring up the issue on the tarmac.

Our southern border is still porous. Illegal immigrants still cost this state hundreds of millions of dollars each year in free education, free health care and incarcerating those who break our laws. Nothing in life is free. At the end of the day, we as taxpayers, foot the bill. As a candidate, tell me how you are going to stop the hemorrhaging at the border. Tell me definitely, are you going to finally build us the wall that we have been demanding for decades?

National security: There is no doubt President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is a nut job. Unfortunately, he is a nut job that could soon be in the possession of nuclear weapons. This is not only a catastrophic reality for Israel, but for America as well. The end result could make 9/11 pale in comparison.

First, I want to be assured that our next president takes this threat seriously. Then, I want to know what they are prepared to do to defend the rest of the world from a nuclear attack from Iran? What are they going to do to ensure that Iran lacks the capabilities to not only develop a nuclear weapon, but is unable to sell these weapons to the rest of the Middle East.

This is how grown-ups talk. When you come to Arizona to court us as voters, keep your eye on the ball and talk like a grown-up. We are tired of having our intelligence insulted by these superficial and pandering campaign ads.

• Michael “Winey” Weinstein can be heard every Sunday evening on The Mike&Winey Show on News Talk 92.3 KTAR from 5-7 PM. (www.mike&winey.com).

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