As your mayor, I’m passionate about building a Phoenix that works for everyone. 

 I’ve pledged to stand up for our city and defend it against those who intend to harm it – including the out-of-state operatives backing Propositions 105 and 106 on the August ballot.  

These proposals are dangerous for our quality of life, our long-term economic growth, our libraries, our senior centers, our parks – and so much more.  

Prop 105 is being pushed by a small group of people with a vested interest in seeing public transportation infrastructure fail. 

The South Central light rail extension has been more than ten years in the making including collecting extensive public input.  Voters have voted not once, not twice, but three times in favor of light rail and I expect they will do so again in August. 

Investing in Phoenix’s light rail system means that the thousands of workers, students, and families who ride light rail every day will have expanded transit access, creating new opportunities for our residents. 

 The light rail is not about whether you or I ride it every day. It is about making sure that all people have an equal chance at success.

And the light rail moves more than people; it moves our economy. With more than $11 billion dollars of economic development along the rail line, there is no doubt that the light rail creates immense opportunity for both our city and our residents. 

If Prop 105 passes, it would not only derail all this progress – it would mean the hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for this project by the federal government would go to other cities and states and Phoenix would be left with nothing. 

 Don’t be mistaken, a yes vote on Proposition 105 does not guarantee any new investment in Ahwatukee – the only likely result would be less federal and regional revenue for Phoenix.

Prop 106 is an irresponsible investment cap aimed at forcing Phoenix to pay off long-term debt with immediate revenue, making us unable to invest in our future.

 Prop 106 is bad tax policy pushed by a small group of special interests who want to handcuff local government and chip away at local autonomy, hurting our residents in the process.  

Prop 106 will mean massive cuts to areas such as libraries and after-school programs.  Locally, it could impact places like the Ironwood Library and the Pecos Community Center. 

To get this funding back once it is cut will take generations. The proposition itself is poorly written and confusing. 

Were it to pass, it would be held up in the courts for years because of the chaos it would create. 

The majority of the Phoenix City Council has worked tirelessly to reign in our pension debt by reforming payment obligations and making substantial financial commitments to address this obligation.

 Passing Prop 106 would cripple our city; destroying our ability to keep pace with growth and maintain our quality of life commitments for parks, libraries, and other critical infrastructure needs.  

I’ve spent my career working to find solutions to complex problems.  My track record of results includes leading the effort to pass Phoenix’s citywide transportation plan through 2050 and working to ensure equal pay for equal work. 

 I’ve also fought against unnecessary tax hikes, helped make Phoenix a leader in job creation, and worked with our police and firefighters to improve public safety and keep neighborhoods safe. 

Proposition 105 and 106 are NOT solutions.  They are a coordinated attack on Phoenix and must be stopped.  Please join me in voting No on Prop 105 and Prop 106. 

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