After attending a political meeting the other night, I’m convinced some people have forgotten what our great nation is all about. Have we forgotten “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?” Once upon a time, those God-given rights were the reality of life for this free nation.

The debate was about accepting or rejecting a resolution to reject universal health care (Obamacare) at the state level. Two or three participants were favorably talking about how to use the government (taxpayer) funding once the government health care system was installed in its entirety. That told me those individuals had chosen to accept government control of our health care system just as our governor, several of our legislators, hospitals and chambers of commerce. A tacit acceptance of Socialism without thinking of the future consequences. Consideration had been given only to money. How unbelievably myopic can intelligent human beings be?

Since the cost of health care represents about 16 percent of our national gross domestic product (GDP), the decision to accept or reject the plan is momentous. If we accept the final mechanics of universal health care, we are giving the government and thousands of faceless bureaucrats control of 16 percent of our economy as well as giving them control of our medical lives. This represents a giant step toward Big Brother Socialism. Is that what we want? I think not.

Isn’t it time we told this administration to go pound sand? The 11th hour has arrived. We must encourage our governor and our legislators to have the fortitude and the mental acuity to forego the next step to Socialism. Once we have done that, we shall be back on the road to resurrecting our state and national standards and our God-given rights of freedom and Liberty.

Briefly stated, Socialism is government control of privately-owned capital resources. On the other hand, Capitalism is private control of privately-owned capital resources. Then, we have Communism which is government ownership and control of capital resources. Using the dialectic method, Capitalism is the thesis, Communism is the antithesis, and Socialism it the synthesis. In Foggy Bottom, that’s called compromise or bipartisanship. If we continue to compromise at our current rate, we shall have compromised our Liberty right down the drain of Socialism. And what comes after Socialism? You guessed ‘er Chester — Communism.

Capital resources consist of money, machinery and equipment, buildings, real estate, and most importantly, the human being. The mind and intellect of the human being is its greatest resource. That mind develops the ideas which can promote prosperity and happiness or misery and oppression. In the words of Henry Kissinger: “The world is run by ideas.”

What’s your idea of the way to live — the freedom and liberty of Capitalism or the oppressive bureaucratic regulations of Socialism? Is this our next revolution?

• Don Kennedy is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in sociology. He has been a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills since 2002.

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Pound sand? Really? Classy! You've elevated the national debate to the junior high school level.

If you're going to rant about God Given Rights, I suggest you give the Book of Matthew another read, or a first read, and learn what God actually expects of you.


Is there an actual argument here? All I see is a simplistic rant which ignores the realities of how we provide medical care to our citizens. Any involvement of the government is "socialism" and is therefore bad.

i think the people deserve a more intelligent debate. By Kennedy's standards, the interstate highways are "socialist" and therefore bad. The internet is "socialist." I suppose the space program and public schools are "socialist." Give me a break.

Why don't you drop the ignorant labels and attempt to have an actual debate on issues. I would first ask you to explain how so many other advances countries provide medical care to ALL of their citizens for a fraction of the cost of the US, with better outcomes? An intelligent, pragmatic person or society would look at what others have tried and how it has worked, and go from there.

The problem with people like Kennedy is that the facts would interfere with their prejudices and dogma.

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