Linnea Bennett

When I say Mountain Pointe is a remarkable place, I don't say that lightly. I think of all the teachers we've had that have inspired and motivated us. I think of my friends and peers and their drive and determination to one day change the world. I think of all the accomplishments our class has seen:

Going undefeated in football, becoming the first A+ school in the Tempe Union High School District; boys volleyball, girls soccer, badminton, baseball and John Williams (the chess king) all winning state championships; beating Desert Vista in the 'Tukee Bowl not once, but twice. These are all things I think we've lost perspective on. We've heard about them so much that their importance doesn't resonate as it once did. So I invite you to take a step back and look at that list again. It's pretty crazy for just one school.

Think of all the clubs at MP, but most importantly, think of how involved students are in them. How many other schools can say they have such dedicated members to their clubs? And how awesome is it that not only do we have a robotics club in general, but one that finished first in its competitions in only its first year? And it's one that got a standing ovation from the student population when it debuted its robot in the school assembly.

How unique is our Bollywood club that receives cheers and screams whenever they perform in front of the school? How talented is not only our marching band but our drumline who highlighted our disappointing football seasons and only furthered our excitement of the successful ones? There is not a single student who didn't cheer when the drumline strutted out for its third quarter performance every game.

And how cool is it that we have a football team that went to cheer on our marching band at the band invitational?

I think that has to be my favorite part of Mountain Pointe, how supportive we all are of each other. We revel in each other's successes as if they are our own, cheer on kids we've never even spoken to, and see the importance of supporting every club and activity simply because it is a part of the school we are proud to attend.

Mountain Pointe is not perfect. Just looking at the now shuttered upstairs bathrooms or hearing mysterious sounds in the science labs is proof enough of that. But I don't know anyone who wouldn't laugh about the imperfections or who wouldn't accept that these eccentricities are part of what makes our school.

We are quirky. We have a principal who seriously loves his students and went barefoot on the "TOMS: A Day without Shoes" when he was inspired by the cause his students wanted to support. We have an athletics director who has stripped down to tights and a bedazzled T-shirt to twirl a baton at football games and who gets choked up unfailingly at the academic awards ceremony every year. And we also have Mrs. Goolsby who, you may not know, is one of the biggest reasons why we were made an A+ school after she completed a 30-plus page application and attended weekly meetings for a year to get the A+ people to even come and observe our school. What we lack in reliable bathroom doors, we make up in teachers and administrators who truly love and care about us.

But most of all, the thing that makes MP so remarkable is simply the kids who attend it. Sure, we're probably all flawed in our own little ways, but when it comes down to it, we are pretty awesome. I look around at our graduating class and am in awe of the people I am surrounded by, all they have accomplished, and all that I know their futures hold.

Spending the last four years at Mountain Pointe with all of you has been a wild ride, one I never want to forget. People often say they are scared for our generation, but when I look at MP's Class of 2011, I must say I wholeheartedly disagree.

Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors! And if you ever feel lost, look back at the school to see where we all began as scrawny freshmen only four short years ago. We are the future, and I can't wait to see all the places we'll go.

Linnea Bennett graduated with the Class of 2011 last month at Mountain Pointe.

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This gurl frickin rocks. She is literally my hero and idol and life. Look for her as the top journalist of a major mag in da future! Nay Nay 4 Prez!! <33[beam]

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