We’re battle worn. The past two years of campaigns were no less hostile than Hurricane Sandy. Election pundits tell us we’re a nation divided and stuck in this place. All the while, the critical mass of the big government crowd has taken control. We’ve been told this day would come, and it has.

The nanny state has replaced personal responsibility tied to age old values, which doesn’t make sense when observing the Hispanic community, a great family and faith culture of lovely people. I fear they’ve given up too much. Immigration and its victims have been used by the Democrats, not assisted, but used. But, it is what it is.

We’ve always heard, “A democracy will continue to exist until the time voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.” Never mind hard-working Americans will fund the “generous gifts.”

It’s unthinkable that Obama was re-elected despite his weak foreign policy, sullied even more by something awful in Benghazi, despite “Fast and Furious,” despite the whispered message directed to Russian President Putin, despite his unending spending and abuse of the law-making system, despite his shady associates, and his suspicious Muslim affinity.

Then again, his win makes sense because Obama had the greatest re-election machine ever assembled: the corrupt, old media.

I’m sure you’ve done it too, scanned the blogs for reaction. Some are calling it the “suicide of America.” Here are a few favorites:

“Big bird won’t be skewered on Thanksgiving, vaginas are safe in all 50 states; contraception will be free. How astute of our president to focus the American people on what really counts rather than be distracted by the slide of the dollar with the printing of money, high unemployment, out-of-control debt, terrorism. Congratulations to the voters for understanding the really big issues.” (Carlmann gastorbrab).

“At 67, I have more years of pain to endure. As a business owner, I’m looking to bail out and let the chips fall where they may. I feel sorry for our soldiers who have been hung out to dry. Good luck to my band of brothers.” (Pnoldguy).

“I had hoped that the majority of voters would elect Mitt Romney, but instead of a man of character they chose charisma. They ignored four years of failure and deception.” (Alan Caruba Canadafreepress.com).

And, so it’s apparently true: Conservatives are now the minority. And, those who worship deity, who know there is something far greater in play, begin serious introspection. Do they become more like progressives, in order to win elections?

Take note of this soul-rocking sermon, given the Sunday before the election at Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral of Phoenix. I wish this was spoken in every church, synagogue and mosque.

The Very Rev. Fr. John Lankeit reminds Catholics that the First and Second Commandments require they love God and their neighbors. Yet political correctness reigns as a “false God.” It promotes tolerance of sin, which is not truth, nor love. Again, love of God and neighbor cannot be separated from truth, http://www.faithandlifetv.com/videos/last-weeks-mass.

And, then Lankeit rocks the sleepers: Religious freedom is our most important freedom; sanctity of marriage and of life cannot be compromised. Voting for candidates who promote abortion and gay marriage is a “mortal sin.”

So in the shadows of election disappointments, those who hold to deep-rooted values will most likely re-dedicate their resolve, while progressives mock. Blogger Dan Peterson, (patheos.com) shares this: “Fortunately, my hope has never ultimately rested on shifting temporal things. The eternal things, the things that really matter, remain. No government can touch them; they lie securely beyond the reach of the State.”

And, I say Amen.

Turley-Hansen is an Arizona syndicated columnist, a former Phoenix TV anchor and a four generation Arizona native; turleyhansen@gmail.com.

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