Wes Gullett

Wes Gullett

This election is too important for sound-bites and political rhetoric. I have actual hands-on business experience, I understand the issues facing business and understand that we must get government out of the way in order for our small businesses to grow and thrive.

Despite the rhetoric you hear coming from my opponents, government's role is to help small business create jobs by reducing barriers, not strap our small business owners with overly burdensome regulations and higher taxes. The role of the mayor and City Council is to look at every decision they make through the lens of how it will affect small business. My opponents have a clear track record and one that encourages "doing business as usual." We cannot afford the policies of the past that have failed to keep costs under control, implemented a tax on food, raised permit fees and doubled water and parking rates.

I intend to bring a "laser focus" on job creation, limit the growth of government and fundamentally change the way the city of Phoenix does business. It is only then that we can begin to prosper and grow.

My opponent, Greg Stanton, and his surrogates have tried to distract the voters from his track record as a tax and spender by pledging to eliminate lobbyists in the Mayor's Office. While this sound-bite may appeal to some, Mr. Stanton is being disingenuous and fails to mention that he too was a highly paid lobbyist and that if elected he will personally profit from a firm that lobbies the city.

I can understand that he is less interested in explaining to voters why he never voted against water rate increases during his tenure on the council. In fact, in his last four years on the City Council water rates increased at an average of double digits per year.

As a small business owner and strategic planner I am proud of the work that I have done and the jobs I have created. I understand what it means to make the tough decisions business owners make each and every day. I am also proud of the role I have played in helping other businesses grow and prosper and I intend to bring that experience to the Mayor's Office.

I am also the only candidate for mayor with a comprehensive Seven Point Jobs Plan and a Government Reform Plan that will cut the cost of government by $50 million so that we can cut taxes and reinvest in services that will lead to long-term economic growth and stability. We need new leadership at the city of Phoenix and I ask you to support me on Election Day.

• Wes Gullett is a candidate for mayor of Phoenix. He is founding partner of FirstStrategic, Communications & Public Affairs. He served on the Phoenix Planning and Zoning Commission for five years, including one year as chairman. He was chief of staff for former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington from July 1993 to April 1996.

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