Of course only law enforcement and military should be allowed the possession of assault rifles. And, of course, alcohol should never be served to drivers. Never. And, illegal drugs should be kept away from everyone. Period. Anything that kills should be hidden from the mentally ill, the angry, the bullies, the too-young-to-know-any-better.

It’s common sense. But, where is love?

This month, it’s right in front of us. We fail in our introspection if we ignore the reminders in each Christmas season. Everything Christ represents holds solutions as we grieve the slaughter in Connecticut. Not a believer? It’s not about religion. The tenets of Christ’s message hold steady in the face of suffering and violence, never mind church. Yet, we are ignorant. We think it’s harder than that.

We’d be really wise to use basic love and Christ-like wisdom to administer love-based common sense. The truth is starkly hideous: We have failed to tend to the root causes of mass killings, including war.

In our political intoxication of expecting government to save us, we fail the sick and the weak. It’s been well documented what happened during the Ronald Reagan years, decades ago, when mental institutions were closed. Those closures placed the sick on the streets and crammed our prisons and some are left at home where they can kill mother before heading to the local grade school to play out real life video games.

By the way, when a culture sells killing entertainment to its children, and then is surprised at the outcome, who’s at fault? Guns? Really?

So, again we ask where is love?

The Connecticut horror has generated profound discussions. These two articles offer some of the best: Dr. Keith Ablow speaks about: Why Can’t America Care for the Mentally Ill? Find it on foxnews.com/opinion/2012/12/17. Then check out a post by a Boise-based writer and mother who tells her story: Thinking the Unthinkable at anarchistsoccermom.blogspot.com/. It’s gripping and eye-opening.

What does love have to do with it?

Love is doing the right thing for the weakest among us: the sick, the youngest (yes, even the unborn) and the broken. In doing for them, we do for ourselves.

It should begin in the hallowed halls of government, but it won’t, it can’t. Government is blind, stupid and selfish. So it begins with you and me who fight to keep personal and community priorities at the forefront.

Check our hearts. If assault guns are the problem, ban them, (good luck), but beware of the kitchen knife, the gasoline and matches in the garage, chemicals in the back shed. Then there’s the massacre within a person, his spirit, his hope, his clarity. Those violations come through other kinds of weapons, what about those? Truth is it’s about human brokenness. We must focus on what makes us tick and what makes us sick. Then we act with purpose. That’s love.

Start by asking the right questions: What are we allowing into our kid’s heads and homes? What do we buy them? What do they see? What do they see us do and say? Remember, “No,” can be love, within consistent guidance. Again, we’re ignorant. We make it harder than it should be. But our society doesn’t want restrictions; it wants feel-good freedoms. It’s selfish and blind.

Need more information on this? We’re celebrating the birthday of the best role model. Start there. Love was Christ’s compass; He saw the bigger picture, always; He didn’t collect “things,” He served people, especially the weak; especially children. He wouldn’t be trapped by trends or gimmicks or political correctness. He was willing to do what He had to do.

Something to think about: What we care about the most, we serve. Christ served people. And, now it’s our turn.

• Linda Turley-Hansen is an Arizona syndicated columnist, former Phoenix TV newscaster, and fourth-generation Arizona native. She can be reached at turleyhansen@gmail.com.

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