Margaret Pratt

Margaret Pratt

The challenge for all school districts is to make sure they are meeting the needs of all students.

The goal is to have students become adaptable, lifelong learners. We want to spark in them a passion for learning and have them possess critical thinking skills that will serve them well along any path they endeavor.  

The foundation of lifelong learning begins in the elementary and middle school years. It is imperative we dedicate the resources necessary to guiding and teaching our children during this vital time in their development.

It is important to help students succeed as technical skills advance, new jobs are developed and others fall to the wayside.

Kyrene has recognized the diversity, unique talents and needs of our students and supported them by offering additional learning opportunities and programs.

Some of which include arts integration, dual language programs, fine arts programs, gifted programs, leadership academies and traditional academy.

The district has also identified areas that merit attention, which were revealed in the independent audit requested by the new superintendent and governing board. I support administration addressing the areas of concern utilizing the current strategic plan.

I would also encourage continued feedback from parents, teachers, staff and community members on the goals and objectives.

Some specific areas identified are social emotional learning, which I am pleased to see being implemented as part of the middle school redesign and look forward to it being extended into our elementary schools.

I support the current efforts of the Kyrene School District working closely with the Tempe Union High School District to ensure students are prepared for success in high school.

I would like to continue to strengthen those ties as well as the bridge of communication, contributing to a smooth transition for our students.

I would encourage feedback on how our students fare once integrated into high school. This includes sharing data between the districts to better track students and their progress.

Educating our children is our very best investment. By all of us working together as educators, parents and community members, we will ensure the success of our children and help build a strong and vibrant future generation.

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