Just a few weeks ago, Kyrene School District experienced a clear election victory for both the continuation of our Maintenance and Operations Override and our second ballot question to allow our governing board to lease, sell or exchange real property (our vacant land). We appreciate this strong vote of confidence and message of support from our community. While Kyrene has a total of 25 schools, 12 of them are in Ahwatukee, educating more than 8,000 students and employing nearly 500 staff members (many who live in the community).

During this election, I saw the community come together in bipartisan support for our students. Education is not about politics, but is about the future of our children. Business leaders, lawmakers, teachers, and parents worked for the common purpose of continuing to invest in our schools. They understand that support for education provides a huge return on investment and the voters agreed that keeping Kyrene’s neighborhood schools strong is an important priority. We take that vote of confidence seriously and strive for exceptional learning experiences each and every day for all Kyrene students.

Some may wonder why Kyrene would have to ask local voters to approve additional funding. Arizona funds schools at an established level, but allows local communities to decide on additional funding. Historically, the Kyrene community has expected and supported additional dollars for our schools, which are used to support:

• Elementary and middle school instructional programs including art, music, physical education, band, chorus and other electives.

• Class size in all grade levels with an emphasis given to the primary grades.

• K-3 reading and mathematics intervention programs.

• School-based student support services such as speech, hearing and others.

• Other district-wide support services including math and literacy coaches.

I am proud to be a member of the Kyrene community where people clearly believe that a high quality educational system is a top priority. All of our students deserve nothing less.

• Dr. David K. Schauer, Ed.D., is superintendent of the Kyrene School District.

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