Guns didn’t kill Christopher Lane and I’m not so sure genuine racism is to blame. Can minors fully understand such hate? We do know the teens who gunned down the athlete, who was jogging in Duncan, Okla., say they were “bored.”

Something to be considered: Though unproven, we know certain gang initiations require violent acts. Gangs. Homes of the homeless, the fatherless and motherless; homes to throw away kids.

And, ever evident, at the spill way of such sorrow, are self-proclaimed black leaders who teach entitlement, grown in the fields of blame, seared in hate. If such ignorant leaders understood what happens when blame replaces personal responsibility, they might rethink their dogma. Blame strips the blamer of his personal power; bare, helpless, hopeless.

In the meantime, the rest of the nation remains gripped with “white guilt” believing the tolerance trap is the only option. Thus, the pernicious mind set among black leaders is enabled, which has the potential to further cripple an entire race and take down a nation from the very top.

We’ve just celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr., but why has his message not been carried forth among his black brothers and sisters? King understood the higher road and preached it. He urged peace where violence was the normal response. His wisdom blessed his race and nation.

Yet, today, the entitlement mentality seems to define the black community. Shouted down are the black voices, which are trying to reach through the veil of self-pity. They are often mocked as “Uncle Toms” and dismissed.

Why promote hate when kids are searching for useful guidance? Why aren’t black leaders encouraging marriage before procreation and after education? Why aren’t there more foundations and projects which promote personal responsibility? Major corporations would jump to participate, not through ugly arm twisting by those same black leaders, but by embracing partnerships.

To those in the black community, who are provoking their children to kill and die by playing the blame game, shame on you.

Bill Cosby has it right when he scolds his race to stop blaming and take responsibility for its future.

Of course Cosby has his critics, and of course black issues are also white and brown. But it’s an inordinate number of blacks who sit at the top of statistical numbers in regards to despair.

Their exit gate is through acceptance of the power within each of them to overcome their struggles. That truth is not pandering or dismissing their challenges. It’s the eternal truth which brought discouraged Europeans to new American shores and built the greatest nation ever; the truth our own President utilized as a young man.

Why hasn’t he reached out to young blacks in that same vein? Why does he promote resentment and self-pity?

It is going to get worse folks, all of it, until Americans demand personal responsibility take hold in every life, not only among black homes, but in all homes.

You think we’ve done our best with food stamps? Believe this: Long term, they destroy potential, then lives.

Consider this: Statistics reveal that kids in two-parent homes are twice as successful as those in one-parent homes, no matter the income. Yet, Child Trends, a Washington research group finds that more than half of all births are now out of wedlock. And, in black homes, more than 70 percent of births are out of wedlock (National Public Radio).

Lane’s killers are indeed a tragic tale of “boredom,” but somewhere those kids were taught to hate, or equally damning, not to feel anything at all.

Again: When parents or radical leaders insist that “society owes you,” they diminish the very lives they profess to care about. What an indictment.

And to think, people claim that a gun killed Christopher Lane.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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Wow. I'm white and this is one of the most ignorant, racist things I've ever read.


When one third of the bored killers was white how could you have missed that?.

That's the reason you report for the whitest newspaper, in one of the whitest cities of Arizona. You must've been watching FOX SNUZE when you first wrote and kept on reporting that three blacks killed C. Lane, By the way, my prayers go out to the families, on all sides, even you in your ignorant bliss, yes I am white too!

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