A sense of humor is essential to healthy living and I consider mine to be highly developed. I love to laugh and will giggle along with the crowd at some things that may seem a bit off-color or even irreverent.

I also watch a few TV shows that some might object to. I like a good dose of “Grey’s Anatomy” for relationship drama, the silliness of “Big Bang Theory” and the brutal grittiness of “Southland.”

With this in mind (and because there was a marketing campaign you couldn’t miss if you tried) I decided to check out “GCB,” the new ABC comedy. I wanted to like it. There are some talented actors and it’s always a kick to make fun of extreme Southern stereotypes. But I couldn’t make it through one entire episode.

The show is based on a book, entitled “Good Christian B*%#hes.” That alone should have been fair warning of what to expect. These characters don’t resemble any of the true Christian women I’ve ever known. They are narcissistic, self-serving and critical. They use God’s word as a weapon and as justification for horrible behavior. This is no SNL “Church Lady” parody.

They tack “Christian” onto their lives and wear it like a badge of entitlement to be arrogant and hurtful. It hurt me. I felt like I was watching someone mimicking me in a way that painted a false and distorted picture.

I am a good Christian woman … not by my actions, but because I love Jesus and aspire to be like Him. I’m bold about my faith, and sometimes outspoken about injustice. I quote scripture to encourage and empower people. But that’s where the resemblance ends.

Sadly, women like this do exist and you might find some of them in your own church. What they are not, are “good” Christians. They are lost, needy and misrepresenting those of us who take our faith personally.

I must admit it gave me a sense of relief when I read a post by Marybeth Whalen on Southern BelleView. She points out that the author comes from a similar position as mine and quotes from Kim Gatlin’s dedication in the book: :To Christians everywhere who take the responsibility of declaring themselves ambassadors for Christ seriously enough to be mindful of the things they say and do, but more importantly the way they treat people. Knowing others take their declarations to heart and hold them to a higher standard, they realize that when they fall short it’s not man who gets the blame, it’s God.”

What a poignant challenge for all of us!

I did have an additional musing about this TV program. The media isn’t expressing any outrage. Can you even imagine what would happen if a network produced a program portraying Muslim women as hypocrites, liars, cheats and sexually immoral? It wouldn’t be quite so easy to embrace and laugh at.

Once again, it’s politically correct to laugh at Christians.

I’m not going to be your conscience or suggest boycotting this show. That’s not what free Christian faith is about. I do hope you will take the theme as a warning, like Gatlin seems to intend, and truly live in a way that brings honor to the God you claim to represent.

• Ahwatukee Foothills resident Diane Markins can be reached at Diane@DianeMarkins.com. Visit her blog www.DianeMarkins.com.

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Awwwwh! I grew up in the South (sort-of, WV). I find the show hilarious, and know many women who fit the stereotypes. Relax and laugh [innocent]


Yes, relax. I don't watch the show, but I knew a woman who called herself a GCB 20 years ago and it made me laugh like, well, let's just say like "heck".

And really? You bring up Muslims? We don't have a show picking on Muslims because most of us don't know any, and we wouldn't get the jokes. We don't have a reference point.

Also, are you allowed to proclaim in public that you're a good Christian? I thought Matthew 6:5 pretty much prohibited those kinds of things.

I suspect the show hits a little too close to home.


I grew up in a Christian household, where we attended church SEVERAL times a week. I have to say, as comical as this show is, it's dead on how woman interact with each other in a "Christian" manner now a days. It's about what you wear, what you have, and where you live that counts with Christian people. Sad but true..

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