I was struck by something while watching the recent swearing in ceremony in Washington. I caught a glimpse of Bill Clinton (just Bill, no Hillary in sight — although I am sure she was with him somewhere) sitting two or three rows back from where the action was happening.

Clinton looked pensive. I do not think that he is used to not being the center of attention. Then I remembered his cameo appearance at the Golden Globe Awards to present the award for best actor, which went to Daniel Day Lewis for his portrayal of Lincoln. In his acceptance speech, Lewis remarked that he half expected the Queen of England to parachute in to make a last-minute pitch for Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond in “Skyfall” — everyone laughed, including Craig. The camera did not show Clinton

This remark and the fact that Clinton’s surprise appearance drew little more than a polite reception from the audience, started me thinking. Then the week before the Golden Globes I remember seeing a picture in the paper of a smiling Clinton in South Africa sitting at the end of the bed eclipsing a demure and recovering Nelson Mandela. It suddenly hit me that the rest of the world is moving on, and Clinton is stuck somewhere in the 1990s, marooned without a life raft, or life line.

Clinton was elected too young to the presidency, and he has no other interests in life outside of politics. I don’t think that he has ever wanted any other interests.

By the way, this exact problem haunted Jack Kennedy when we was alive.

Just an observation on the passing scene.

• Robert F. O’Meara is a resident of Ahwatukee Foothills.

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What an odd article. Besides pure speculation about the inner thoughts of someone the author does not actually know, the guy got a standing ovation at the Golden Globes, not " little more than a polite reception", and you can barely make it a week without Bill Clinton's name being in the news.

He's been incredibly active in politics and humanitarian efforts. See his work with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Maybe Hollywood award shows are not the best places for news and information.


Although I can appreciate your right to your opinion, please be sure you are accurately recounting the facts. First Mrs. Clinton was right beside the President when they entered for the inauguration and they sat side by side. Secondly, he did not present best actor, he introduced the film Lincoln and was given quite the standing ovation. His charity world wide is quite renowned and gives pause as to why you believe he does nothing but promote his political agenda? I do not believe you watched either event or follow the President at all, please don't give opinions on things of which you do not know.

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