As the disgusting Arpaio political ads continue to flood local airways, I can’t help but find solace in the adage that like a zebra can’t hide its stripes neither can Arpaio cover up his pink underwear.

Arpaio has terrorized his political opponents from the day he decided to run for sheriff way back in the early ’90s. Most of us relate to the elected or appointed officials that he has abused but there are dozens and dozens of normal citizens where he and his “Gestapo” have ruined or attempted to ruin their lives. This is no well thought out political strategy on his part, but rather these actions are who he is and how he rolls. I should know. I’ve known Arpaio for 30 years and I have personally experienced his wrath. It took me 10 years to recover emotionally and financially, but recover I have. Like every dog has his day, Arpaio has had his.

Speaking of dogs, Arpaio cares more about people abusing animals than pedophiles abusing children. Now I’m all about loving all the doggies of the world, but Arpaio will round up a bunch of so-called “deadbeat” parents who either haven’t or can’t pay their child support payments and parade them on local TV but, at the same time, neglect hundreds of cases of alleged sexual predators on the loose. Coincidentally, these children have a high propensity to be Hispanic. So what’s with that? He profiles Hispanics looking for illegals but turns his cheek the other way if they happen to be pedophiles? This is an outrageous example of law enforcement gone wild.

Under his “Reign of Errors,” over $50 million of taxpayer dollars have been spent settling cases of abuse against Maricopa County directly attributed to how Arpaio’s employees have treated prisoners. You don’t write checks to people because you’re innocent. You write them to either cut your loses, as an admission of guilt, or as a result of a court order.

During his watch, outside auditors have confirmed that his department has wasted over $100 million. Remember the trips to Honduras to train the local police? Honolulu to get to the bottom of Obama’s citizenship? Listen up budget-conscious, deficit-hawk Repubs, your boy Joe has blown over $100 million and you continue to vote for this buffoon? I know it’s because you think that his “I’m the Toughest Sheriff in America” persona is making Maricopa County more safe and that you won’t become a target of crime. Think again. Analysis of local crime data indicates that if he were responsible for policing all areas of Maricopa County, we would have had nearly 8,000 murders reported last year. Joe is all about Joe.

After nearly 20 years of his “Reign of Terror and Errors,” we know who this guy really is and no amount of out-of-state money can buy our love. Hopefully, the time has finally come where we can together all wave “Adios, Arpaio.” It’s been quite a ride and don’t let the door hit ya in the backside on your way out.

There is a new sheriff coming to town and his name is Paul Penzone. He is a 20-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department. He headed up the Silent Witness program and has a successful track record solving cold crime cases, as well as busting up local meth distribution rings. He is a professional and all about working with other local law enforcement agencies to solve crime. That’s right Joe, your worst nightmare. Someone who is professional. Someone who actually wants to work with local law enforcement. I’m thinking that Penzone is not planning to ride in Arpaio’s tank accompanied by a SWAT team in the Fiesta Bowl Parade.


• Jon Beydler is a 34-year Valley resident and the former mayor of Fountain Hills. He lives in south Chandler.

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Jon Beydler is right... the only way we're going to get America back on its feet is to get out and vote and elect all these perverts and Democrats and force America to its knees. In the resulting revolution the "true working class" will rise to their feet and round up these perverts and Democrats and apply the methods used in the French Revolution.

Then we'll elect Joe Arpaio as Governor [beam]


I take from your comment, afnanalog, that you're a "joe" supporter - your comment made no sense, was full of sarcasm and hate, with no real point. Yet you, and others like you, are the ones who keep Joe in office.

Thanks, Mr. Beydler, for a well-written article. Unfortunately, it seems you're preaching to the choir - those of us who are horrified by what has gone on under Arpaio's administration. It seems the "other side" is too wrapped up in hate and anger to even consider a change.


Joe Arpaio steps all over the US Constitution, and the Tea Party cheers him on.

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