Thriving families remain the hope of America. And when one does well, it’s a very good thing to put it out there as a paradigm of choice. Many are looking for better ways.

Take married parents who are sober in regards to the task at hand, who focus on making family work. Their sacrifices rule the process; distractions are vigilantly avoided. Throw in spontaneous wisdom and basic values. Mix into a family.

Robyn Siroky of Gilbert is a role model, not just because she’s married to the father of her children, not just because she’s still in love with that man and crazy about motherhood and the three children that made her that way, or because, as a stay-at-home mom (having departed the corporate world), she keeps thinking she should be doing more.

Robyn is to be emulated because she’s found outlets for the voices inside her which say “fly,” your talents need growing. Not only is the ASU grad in English and a freelance writer for a major paper, but she’s created a blog to reach any and all who can relate and even share their worlds in return. Her vision is to grow her writing career as she makes sure her family thrives.

I like this lady. She knows what matters and is willing to surrender to the process, willing to put her own ego aside in order to bring her family across the goal line, all-the-while enriching herself.

Find her blog via Facebook: Then, “like” her page to access her blog “Rocking the Red Zone.” There, you’ll go with Robyn onto the football field, to the 20-yard line (“the red zone”) to get her game plan. In her own words: “When the ball is in the red zone and you’re on defense? You’re sweating. You’re finding your A-game. Because you blink? And they score.

“And if you’re on offense? It’s your opportunity. Put in the superstar receiver and the powerful running back, call your plays meticulously, and use your timeouts wisely — and the payoff could be great.”

Robyn says, “I’m thinking life is the football field, and we spend an awful lot of time in that red zone. And it’s a stressful place to be. So if you’re there? Even if your Darnell Dockett or Larry Fitzgerald is out with an injury, and all hope seems lost? You need to rock it.”

Why highlight Robyn during the holidays? Well, it’s my experience that if you can manage teens and keep them happy during Christmas, “super parent” is a title to claim.

As “head mistress of holiday cheer,” it’s time to decorate the tree and Robyn’s teen sons have vanished into “Star Wars: Episode 4,” offering only grunts to mom’s invitation to join in. With prods from dad, who’s on board with the red zone strategy, the boys respond.

“That’s when the magic took over,” Robyn describes on her blog. “The same magic that happens every year: ‘This is from when I was first born!’ ‘Mom, wasn’t this the one that was on your tree when you were a little girl?’ ‘Remember when we used to fight over who got to hang this one?’ ‘Look! This is the ornament that…’

“All three kids stumble over each other getting to the box for another ornament, another story, another warm, fuzzy memory,” Robyn says. “Eyes twinkle every bit as brightly as the lights on the tree.” TOUCHDOWN!

Take note: Patience in the red zone is one of Robyn’s game tactics. And, something else: You’ll love how she uses humor in the “red zone.”

I guess what I enjoy the most in her holiday sharing is that Robyn and Larry call Christmas just exactly what it is: “Christmas.” And, they use holidays for family building. I suspect you’ll want to join Robyn in the “red zone.” She’s got me there!

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

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